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Pocketown v1.3.0 Mod APK


Pocketown v1.3.0 Mod apk + Data for Android.

[Brief Introduction] Welcome to the legendary town – Pocketown!! Your will have amazing experience here. Interesting and exciting adventure await for you. In Pocketown, numbers of pets can be captured. Go enjoy the happiness of pet raising and adventures.

[Feature] —Collect & Evolve—
Numbers of legendary pets live in Pocketown! Start your journey in Pocketown and raise your own pets! Give them your patient love and they will grow and evolve!

—Awesome View. Free Exploration—
Awesome 3D View.Amazing Scene!! You can freely explore the world of Pocketown. Go adventure and unlock all the hidden secret ! What an amazing journey!

—High-Quality Remake—
High-Quality Remake! from the Handheld Game console. Go remind your memory in Pocketown! You can also make new experience with trainers all around the world.

—4 Players Real-Time Battle—
Real-Time Battle with your friends. Allow 4 trainers battle at the same time. Go show your strategy and brave! An excellent trainer should lead his pets to victory with good strategy!!

Pocketown mod apk Pocketown hack apk

Mod info:

  • VIP 15
  • 1 Hit Kill

* VIP mod basically is just visual but you can enable fight speed x3, which is only for VIP3+. But you don’t get VIP Bonus.

** Enemy and you have 1 Hit Damage. Keep make directly the first hit to win. Damage is only for physical attacks. Wild pokemon are always alone, so you never will have problems, cause you have more Pokémon. On fights with NPCs you are mostly the first turn, so that’s no problem as well.

*You need to download and install both mod apk and OBB file,otherwise you will ask some questions.

Download [Google Play] – This game is unreleased, it’s still in beta

Pocketown v1.3.0 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

Pocketown v1.3.0 OBB | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

Download Android APK

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  1. Good and works just wish it had more options

  2. Screen always blank screen man, can u fix it?

  3. Please guys the pocketown just updated a new version. 1.3. please mod the APK. Many players r waiting.

  4. Please update it 😕

  5. Please update for vip. Thanks!

  6. Why is screen alwas blank when i open this game

  7. please update
    we love your works

  8. This is the only way i found to play this game on pc please update it :). You guys are the best.

  9. Please update it
    we love your work

  10. Can you update the mod please

  11. Update please.

  12. Dear Ihackedit team, can i requrest for make mod some game??
    Tamer Frontier SEA can you make it like this game???
    Thank you before

  13. Please fix the mod One Hit Kill. Please I beg you guys make it that only your pokemon can kill with one hit. I LOVE YOUR WORK GUYS KEEP IT UP! U GUYS R THE BEST :)

  14. not a good mod… Im struggling to beat a team skull member :/

  15. Pls mod more to pocketown I love ur work faster leveling would be super

  16. Can you make the VIP only mod ??

  17. can u make it where only your pokemon have the 1 hit kill and high defense

  18. Hey! Can u hack Pocket Arena (unreleased) ? Hack god mode or high damage? I like all your work!

  19. it would be nice to get the bonuses but good work
    i wanted a mod for this and can u guys add more mods to it plz thanks

  20. Its pretty much thesame with the original apk and it looks more pathetic to have a vip 15 status but not having the benifits. Might as well play the original though. Still thanks for making this.

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