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Tower of Saviors v20.03 Mod APK (神魔之塔)

Tower of Saviors
Tower of Saviors

Tower of Saviors Mod apk latest version download for free.

The crossover with “Godzilla” will be held from 24 May (Mon) – 6 Jun (Sun). During the event period, “Godzilla”, “Mothra” will appear in the stage “Battle of Extreme Colors”. Summoners are required to collect plenty of “Godzilla Coin” in the stage in order to acquire the powerful “Kaiju” series – “Godzilla”, “Mothra” and “Littlegodzilla”. The above three monsters can be redeemed with a specific amount of “Godzilla Coin” in the Trade Fortress. Complete “Battle of Extreme Colors” for the 1st time and you’ll be rewarded with 24 “Godzilla Coin”. After that, each time after you complete the stage, 2 “Godzilla Coin” will be given. Get ready for the fighting for Godzilla Coin!

Tower of Saviors is totally free! Summoners may purchase Diamonds for drawing rare cards, restoring Stamina and extending the Inventory limit, etc.

Join us now to end the war once and for all!

Tower of Saviors mod apk Tower of Saviors hack apk

Mod info:

v1: Menu

1. Enemy low HP/ATK
2. Player attacks all enemies
3. Reset timer for shifting of gem tiles(drag gem to make 3 or more gem tiles of other elements until you satisfied)
4. Skills available/no CD

*IF you encounter where enemies dont die instantly, attack once and restart Game. REENTER battle and you will see that Mobs has 0 HP. IF normal attacks do 0dmg, Use the SKILLS!!! REDO everytime you encounter the situation. so for example : dungeon has 5 steps. you need to restart Game 5x also while encountering those mobs on the same dungeon.

v2:Menu (In Chinese)

1-Unlimited Moving Time Runestone
2-Unlimited Skill
3-Attack All
4-Mobs low HP
5-Mobs low Attackk
6-Mobs with single HP bar
7-Not in leaderboard
8-Multiple Attack(1-3)
9-Moving Runestone without dissolve

Root required? No,works on both rooted and no-root Android 4.4+

OBB required? No, just download the mod apk below and install.

Is okay to switch mods in between, just make sure backup your account (simply login with facebook,etc) then uninstall previous installed version and install other version as you like.

Download [Google Play]

Tower of Saviors v20.03 Mod v2 APK

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  1. where is the link for modv1

  2. It’s Version 20.03
    update plz.

  3. This mod makes me wait so hard

  4. Hi guys,

    They just made an update now.

    Thanks guys! much love!

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