The Ark of Craft: Dinosaurs v1.4 Mod APK

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The Ark of Craft
The Ark of Craft

The Ark of Craft: Dinosaurs v1.4 Mod APK for Android.

Survival on the island living next to dinosaurs that want to play with you… and eat you, of course. Huge volumes of crafting involved and three enormous Islands to discover are already waiting for their survivors!

Game development in cooperation with community
Communicate with the developer: write to us in our groups @ FB and VK: or and participate in development of the game.
HD graphics with shadows!
Use all the features of your new smartphone! Switch graphics settings on maximum!
Open world
Discover three immense Islands with dinosaurs! Explore secret locations, find hidden resources, but be careful, the island is full of dangers!
Tame animals and dinosaurs
All dinosaurs, except for flying, can be tamed! Tamed dinosaur will protect and love you, but never do you ever forget to feed him!
Evolution continues!
Large quantity of beings from the Jurassic period: Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Gallimimus, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, Compsognathus, Spinosaurus. Plus Bonus: Mammoth, Sabretooth, and others;
Use improved building system!
Use brick, metal, stone or wood to create any constructions!
Play from first and third person view
Immerse yourself into 3D by changing the camera view.

*How to train your dinosaur.
Kill the dinosaur and then use the taming method: feed the dinosaur berries or meat.

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Find out who you are: a hunter or a prey in a new survival simulator – The Ark of Crafts: Dinosaurs!


+ Ability to cook meat over a fire added.
+ The new service was added in the Store: TapJoy. It allows you to get free gold when completing a task.
+ The problem with buildings “in the air” fixed. Now, the staircase and the foundation can be built correctly.
+ Play store bugs fixed (after the purchase a player did not receive the gold).
+ Trees no longer grow on the site of buildings.
+ Other fixes and improvements.
Thanks all for support! Stay tuned on!

The Ark of Craft: Dinosaurs mod apk

Mod info:

1. Infinite Golds
2. Infinite Gems
3. Infinite Health
4. Infinite Energy
5. Infinite Weapon Durability
6. Never Hunger

Download [Google Play]

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