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Spotify Music – for Android TV v1.12.0 Mod APK

Spotify Android TV
Spotify Android TV

Spotify Music – for Android TV v1.12.0 Mod apk for Android.

Everyone can listen to the music they love for free with the new Spotify Android TV App. Browse your favourite playlists, albums and tracks, using your TV remote or phone. And while you are listening to your favourite tunes, check out the beautiful album artwork right there on the big screen. The new Spotify App is ready to play now. Happy listening.

• Now everyone can listen to the music they love for free with Spotify on Android TV.
• Browse all your favourite albums, songs and playlists, and watch beautiful album artwork appear on-screen.
• Controlling the music is easy too – just use your TV remote, mobile phone or tablet.

Premium users can listen in higher quality audio and without ads.

What’s New
Bug fixes and minor improvements

Spotify Music - for Android TV premium mod

Mod info:

  • ad patched (No ads while playing)

Download [Google Play]

Spotify for Android TV v1.12.0 Mod APK

Spotify Music Mod APK for Android phones & Tablets

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  1. Hello dear, pls fix this MOD, there are still ads!!!

  2. It’s working but I’m not seeing the settings so I’m not sure does it have full quality audio?

  3. I have continental edison android tv. It comes with spotify installed.
    I connected with adb shell and could uninstall spotify in adb shell using pm uninstall
    However I still can’t install this

    $ adb install -r Spotify-v1.12.0_build_1120000-Mod-iHackedit.com.apk
    adb: failed to install Spotify-v1.12.0_build_1120000-Mod-iHackedit.com.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package com.spotify.tv.android signatures do not match previously installed version; ignoring!]

    • iHackedit Staff

      In order to install modded spotify, you must uninstall any previous installed spotify app, however you have spotify pre-installed, like you said, it can’t be uninstalled,hence there’s no possible way to install this.

  4. Can someone link a more updated version for TV with no ads?
    This one has ads :(

  5. Still getting ad after skipping 20 songs

  6. This app is not letting me sign in it says my username or password is wrong but I changed it 4 times now and it won’t let me make a new account.

  7. I have TCL Android TV and i can’t install any Android TV patched Spotify apk. After few seconds I get message like this “application did not installed”. How can I fix it ?

  8. Hi admin. Please update heroes of skyrealm for the new patch..thanks in advance guys!

  9. No news about v0.9.5

  10. Hi there, could you please mod the latest version 0.9.5? Also is it possible how leave the normal app icon logo on the mod? Thanks!

  11. Hi, can you patch the Fire TV version as well?

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