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ONE PIECE サウザンドストーム THOUSAND STORM Mod apk for Android.

□ ■ □ Limited □ ■ □
And now we start the game,
“Trafalgar Law (2 years ago),” is a friend!
(Until May 31, 2016)

[One Piece app latest]
From “two years ago” to “New World”,
It appeared in one piece of character in 3D!
Enjoy the coalition Battle of up to three people in Sausuto!

■ Game Overview
Formed a party in the nation of fellow and up to three people,
Pirate united front RPG where you can enjoy the feel free to co-op
“ONE PIECE Thousand Storm”

Feeding the flashy deathblow with easy operation,
Trying to destroy the formidable enemy who appear one after another!
Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp …
Including the “gang of straw”,
Trafalgar Law, Doflamingo etc.
Characters who one after another war that was active in the anime!

■ exhilarating in simple operation Battle
Character attack an enemy that is the target!
Or switch the target in touch,
The destination can be specified freely!
Dari around behind the enemy,
Let’s go to help the pinch of fellow! !

Wipe out the enemy to trigger the deathblow!
Anyone feel free to enjoy the battle system
Trying to destroy the enemy to come hit with the Walla Walla!

■ de production flashy deathblow
Luffy “Gomugomu of fire pistol (Red Hawk)”
Zorro “Daitatsu撼 (High Priest)”
Sanji of the “devil Kazaashi (Deer Bull Janbu)”
Low of “Shambles”
“Black sword triple-absolute (Zetsu)” Mihawk etc ···
Must-see deathblow production which has been reproduced in 3D!

The work of a lot of characters, depending on the situation
Freely Features Customize!

■ with fellow national coalition Battle
As you clear the quest and events
A new character can be a friend!
The favorite of the party to organize,
Enjoy fellow and up to three co-op of the country!
Single mode to enjoy even one person is also equipped!

■ character growth of
Appeared in scenes of animation becomes the card!
Character becomes stronger and be equipped with a name scene!
And get a scene card with a trick,
Character to learn a new Special Move!
Trying to grow the character to collect the name scene!

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■ Communication
Such as the battle front of the strategy meetings and capture information,
Conversation with a fellow in the square (lobby) to enjoy!
Even during the battle in the “stamp chat”
Feel free to communicate!

Let’s make a fellow in one piece of the world!

ONE PIECE サウザンドストーム mod apk

Mod info:
1.) drop 57x of everything**
2.) always massive drops**
3.) play on emulator as you wish
4.) weak enemies
5.) 100k belly per reward
6.) player exp 5x
7.) 100k friend point
8.) scenecard exp massive
9.) sell and get massive results
10.) some other stuff I seriously can’t remember

Install Steps:
1.) this version – no need for root anymore, but if you have rooted, then you still can patch your Android with 3 options enabled on LP
2.) remember login/token, uninstall original, install mod, enable permissions/overlay, play
3.) download labels:
– bypass = dont activate anything on menu, normal apk but can play on emulator
– 56drops = 57 drops of everything
– atk1 = enemy normal HP but their atk is weak
-weakHP = enemy attack normal but their HP is weak
– alwaysdrop = gazzilion of “normal” adventure drops (different from 57 drops)
– special = sell or buy things and you get more than what you paid for — this has bug with fist coin, read discussions to find out more

** DO NOT enable massive drops and 57 drops together, your game will hung — if you really want to test this, try on dummy account and increase your emulator to very large memory, maybe then you can get 1000s of those drops or most likely will just crash your game

Credits: BTG

Download [Google Play] -JP


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