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Obey Me! NB Otome Games Mod APK latest version download for free for Android.

Otome game “Obey Me! Nightbringer”
From the otome game series with over 8 million downloads that took the world by storm comes the latest installment, Obey Me! Nightbringer!
In an all-new story, take on adventures in the Devildom with seven unique ikemen demon brothers and try to find a way back to the world from where you came!

Laugh, cry and sometimes pull out your whip on the seven hot but quirky demon brothers and their unique band of friends in this otome anime dating game.
Who will you choose to stan and become your anime boyfriend?

・A Portal Into Another World
Open up your Devildom D.D.D. smartphone to find yourself staring into a portal to another world! With the introduction of hot ikemen demons into your life, things just got a whole lot more interesting!

・What is Obey Me! Nightbringer?
▷Choose the path, change the world!
Your choices have a direct impact on how the story plays out!
In addition to chatting and making phone calls, enjoy participating in online meetings!

▷Follow characters on social media in “Obey Me! Nightbringer”
Share your love via a comment or add an effect to cheer them on!

▷Rhythm game quests!
Polish your skills and use items and cards found in the Devildom to master the rhythm game!

■ Official Website

■ Support
Contact us about any bugs, feedback or comments at:

■ Social Media

OS Requirements:
-Android 6.0 or later
-OpenGL 3.0 or later

System Requirements:
-An internet connection with a download speed of 2 Mbs or more.
-A device with 3 GB or more of RAM.
-A device with Snapdragon 625 or higher CPU.

*The app may not run properly even if you fulfill the recommended system requirements due to issues with device performance and specifications as well as the status of the app on the device.
*Please be advised that we cannot provide support for performance issues if your device does not fulfill the recommended system requirements.

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◆Obey Me! Nightbringer is recommended for those interested in:
Playing all otome games in the “Shall we date” series.
Japanese anime and Japanese otome games.
Playing free otome chat games where you can chat online.
Anime games set in Isekai.
Looking for Japanese romance games featuring ikemen.
Playing otome games that have been made into anime.
Falling in love with ikemen in otome dating sim games.
Playing otome dating games with many ikemen boyfriends!
Romance games where you can fall in love with your favorite demon!
Looking for otome anime games that even beginners can enjoy!
“Shall we date” series since you have been a fan for a long time!
Playing otome games with cute demon characters.
Having a crush in otome games!
Anime dating sims.
Playing otome anime games with elements similar to rhythm games!
Falling in love with ikemen in a love story where you are the main character!
Playing free-to-play anime romance games.
Owning otome anime games with lots of ikemen!
Experiencing a harem in otome dating games!
Playing Japanese romance games and Isekai games in which you can fall in love with a demon!
Isekai anime surrounding a love story.
Playing popular otome dating sims for sure!
Owning and playing anime romance games in your spare time.
Playing otome games where the story changes depending on your choices.
Chatting with ikemen on otome games’ social media.
Romance games since you like Isekai games with angels and demons.
Starting to play otome games, wanting to try free otome games.
Looking for Japanese romance games with lots of sub-elements such as quests and rhythm games.
Supporting your favorite ikemen in otome games!
Owning an anime dating sim where you can support your favorite ikemen demon!
Making an ikemen boyfriend in otome games!
Longing for a love story like in anime!
Playing an otome chat game where you can enjoy chatting online!
Experiencing love with ikemen in otome dating sims!

Mod info

Deactivate Developer option on Device Settings
1. Menu
2. No DMG
3. Perfect Score
Every tap give a Perfect score items and Long Lines
4. Quests can be skipped and you get S Rank
5. VIP Active
Double Xp/Akuber skip/Deviltube/Battle with Riku confirmed
+20 Energy is Visuel. same amount like without VIP

What's new

Ver 1.1.4 patch notes
・Changed the official app icon
・Minor bug fixes



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