Minaurs v1.0.6 Cracked APK

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Minaurs v1.0.6 Cracked APK for Android.

A stunning adventure with unique gameplay based on exploring and rescuing lost Minaur Nation scattered in various planets underworlds of the Minaurs Universe. A catastrophe has occured and now you are one of the few surviving Minaurs. Your quest is to rescue and reunite the Minaur nation.

The game has a nonlinear gameplay and it is unique for each player. There are various ways to achieve you goals in expeditions. Find your own way, find your own style. The game controls are easy; but to successfully finish your missions will demand full focus of your mind.

Travel to and explore hundreds of unique locations blooming with life. Game offers many interactive worlds on various planets with specific environments and wildlife. Conduct expeditions and explore these unique detailed ecosystems. Observe and use specific behavior of wild animals their various abilities and way they interact with their environment to your own advantage. Save lost Minaurs and fulfill special tasks. Gather and manage valuable resource as well experience. With help of the resource you gather and experience you collect build new and upgrade special abilities of your Minaur. You have a large choice of different abilities to learn and their further development.

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Minaurs are a plentiful nation so prepare for a serious long lasting adventure… Minaur scholars continuously discover and develop their special abilities. New possibilities of upgrading your character as well as new worlds will appear with time.

The only thing left now for you is to begin! All depends on your abilities and decisions…

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