Lords & Castles v1.55 Mod APK

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Lords & Castles
Lords & Castles

Lords & Castles v1.55 Mod APK for Android.

Take control of your own REALM, and turn it into the MOST POWERFUL one. Design the best DEFENSES for your people by creating mountains or digging moats, and train your army to combat against your RIVALS in EPIC battles.

Arrange the buildings wisely in order to make your subjects happy, and gain their favor. Research new technologies to improve your kingdom, and beat your enemies in the battlefield.

Attack your enemies’ cities to get extra resources. Destroy their defenses and plunder your rival’s castle.

Help your soldiers to defend your land by creating mountains and digging moats. Take advantage of the terrain to improve your defenses!

Join your friends to build a powerful realm and crush your enemies

– Design your city. Create mountains, and dig holes to defend it.
– Attack other players’ land, and defend yourself from them
– Chat with other players
– All game modes can be played for free
– Sign in to Google Play Games to play on various Android devices
– Optimized for Android tablets and cell phones

What’s New
System optimizations and bug fixes.

Lords & Castles mod apk

Mod info:

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– Free Skipping
– Free Instant Upgrade
– Free Research
– Free Training
– Buy Missing Resources for Free

Download [Google Play]

Lords & Castles v1.55 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

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14 comments on "Lords & Castles v1.55 Mod APK"

  1. Maycol says:

    Update mod please.

  2. Boyes Kom says:

    Mod is not working I repeat mod is not working don’t waste ur data not even one of the above option is working

  3. doctordoom says:

    i messaged codi games about not being able to join a kingdom, they just told me they cant help because its an unauthorized version of the app. no ban or anything, just no support lol. suppose no worries of being banned 😀

  4. doctordoom says:

    I found one way to get around only having one scientist. it is to use game guardian to speed up the game. just make sure whatever speed you increase that you keep tapping the screen so you are not disconnected. once the research is done start a new one so even if disconnected, the first one you finished will stay finished.


  5. Doctordoom says:

    Would it be possible to get instant research? Maybe increasing gems instead of decreasing? Maybe free scientists? That would greatly improve the game.

    Thank you for mod though.

  6. Diqkey says:

    I can’t join any kingdom

    • Doctordoom says:

      A lot of kingdoms require a specific trophy amount. It will be a long time before you are good enough to get 1300+ trophies

    • doctordoom says:

      Since i cant edit comments i had to write a new one.

      I found out how to join a kingdom (within reason).
      Step 1. Just play the game legit till you can build the embassy and have a lv3 castle.
      Step 2. find a kingdom you can join (requirements) and join it.
      Step 3. Use titanium backup to backup your game.
      Step 4. Uninstall google play store (legit) app.
      Step 5. Install ihackedit.com modded apk.
      Step 6. Use titanium backup to restore DATA ONLY.

      VOILA!! You have the awesomeness of mods while having the luxury of being in a kingdom.


  7. doctordoom says:

    Ive been playing for a few days, already like lv90 because of the mods.

    However, some do not work.

    1. I can not remove debris, no matter how much i click to pay to remove it, nothing happens.
    2. The anti-aircraft tower is not instant build.

    A mod i would like to see if possible:
    either free gem store or gems increase instead of decrease.

    why? because most of the important stuff needs scientists or gems and without either you stuck getting your ass kicked by people

  8. Nova says:

    Mod doesn’t work either, please take a look onto this,
    diamonds still decrease by insta building and recruitment.

    Kind regards Nova 🙂

    • doctordoom says:

      The mod does work, only building you cant instant build is the anti-aircraft tower. that still requires gems. Also you can not instant research, that requires gems and scientists.

      it would be nice if there could be free store or free gem units (scientists mostly) or gems increase instead of decreasing.

  9. Luis says:

    the files dont work, how do i use them

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