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Star Wars™: Commander v4.10.0.9697 Mod APK

Star Wars Commander
Star Wars Commander

Star Wars™: Commander v4.10.0.9697 Mod apk for Android.

Fight for Your Side. Command The Galaxy.

The Galactic War rages on. Where does your allegiance lie? Will you side with the Rebellion or the Empire? Join the fight, build your base, recruit and train your army, strategically plan your defenses, and lead your troops to victory on war-torn worlds throughout the galaxy!

Battle with or against iconic characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia, and utilize or destroy units like AT-ATs, Speeder Bikes, Wookiee Warriors, and Stormtroopers. Join millions around the globe to play in this epic combat strategy Game. Commander, the fate of the galaxy is in your hands!


• CHOOSE to fight for the Rebellion or the Empire
• TRAIN your troops to charge into battle
• BUILD units and vehicles with multiple upgrades
• DEFEND your base against enemy forces
• COMPLETE original story missions and gain additional rewards
• LEVEL UP your heroes, troops, vehicles, and more
• BATTLE on different worlds within the Star Wars™ universe
• TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS and allies to form the ultimate squad

Upgrade your Planetary Command building to scout and relocate your base to new worlds such as Dandoran, Yavin 4, Er’Kit and Hoth to expand your command and strengthen your squad.

Star Wars: Commander requires Android OS 4.0 or above and supports both tablets and phones.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this App contains:
• Social media links to connect with others
• In-App purchases that cost real money, push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content
• Advertising for some third parties, including the option to watch ads for rewards
• Advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies

We respect your wishes regarding your Privacy. You can exercise control and choice by resetting your Advertising Identifier in your device’s Privacy Settings. This app allows access to your Google Play Account. You can upload and save content from this app to your device.

What’s New
Rogue One Special Event Returns!
Weapons Research Crates are back as well as special units inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars™ Story. Unlock and upgrade the Security Droid, Drabatan Saboteur, TIE Striker and Fang Fighter.
New Traps!
• New traps summon an Empire TIE Striker or Rebel Fang Fighter to deal heavy damage across a wide area.
Equipment Updates!
• TX-225 assault tanks will now crush walls.
• Empire AT-ACT walker and Senator Leia Organa will now summon reinforcements into battle.

Star Wars™: Commander mod apk

Mod info:

1- x5 Damage
2- x5 Defense

Download [Google Play]

Star Wars™: Commander v4.10.0.9697 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

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  1. the previous version also had an extended range for weapons. It’s now gone
    it was a very appreciated feature 🙂

  2. Update pls..

  3. Would it perhaps be possible for you to add a multiplier to the gems gained from removing debris in your base? That would be a great help for resources as well as building droids.


    Install the play-store app, get to a position, sync with FB, etc. The most important thing is you to get past the tutorial.
    Now download Titanium, backup your data.
    Uninstall playstore version
    INstall modded game
    Start once (download some data, etc.)
    Go to titanium and backup DATA ONLY

  5. Guys it works you need to restart then if it seems to crash its downloading data wait a bit then restart app again.
    Also you can backup all data with fb.
    Thanks for the mod.

  6. Hey guys, please just give us some feedback, if you will fix the mod, before the next update.

    I really love always what you do here. I’m really grateful for this mod too, but it’s completely usesless in this state. No data sync available, can’t get past the tutorial, helium doesn’t transfer the game state, and so on.

    Even that would be perfect for me, if for example you could post the modified game files and where to move them and overwrite the playstore version. Thank you very much in advance, love you all!

  7. mod v4.9.0.9641 bugged -> error during the tuto like Peter said so we must connect on an googleplay acount for playing and the connection with facebook doesn’t work need a fix i think it’s cause of the range up and this upgrade is not very important so it’s better to remove it to have the same apk than befor

  8. Plz mod star wars galaxy of heroes

  9. When I’m at the AT-ST tutorial mission, I get error number 1219, could you please correct the error?
    Even the last mod was perfect, no need for bonus range and so on, only what was is the last mod.
    Thank you very much, I love you for making this game enjoyable again

  10. So yeah, great mood I think, but I wouldn’t know because you can’t install over an existing game, and when you start the game up it starts the tutorial, and when you do the units you have to defend against will not come toward your base and instead attack from 5X their normal attack distance so your turrets never attack because the enemy units are out of range.

    What needs to be done to get this to work properly.

  11. Update please ..
    thanks for ur awesome work.. realy appreciate it.

  12. Need to be update v4.9.0.9641

  13. May I ask for the update? I really love your work, and I’m sooooo looking forward to the update. You made this game fun again.

  14. I don’t think the x5 defense is working. I’m trying to beat The Sacred Waters 2 (which is a level very early in the game) and even with upgraded turrets, I’m getting destroyed. The x5 offense seems to work, but when you have to defend, it doesn’t seem to work.

    • Yup this is correct, the problem is that the x5 damage applies to all units on field, including enemy units. Therefore when you are defending the defense mod is rendered useless because the attacking units have the x5 attack as well. My base feel in about 10 seconds on starting a defense mission. My turrets couldn’t even kill a single unit and shield generators were one shotted.

      Mod needs to have some tweaking.

  15. How do we connect to a Google account? Always says “app is incorrectly configured”…

    • Hey buddy, you’ll have to log in through Facebook.. It’ll still do that notification but you should be able to play just fine. Also The x5 affects all troops on the field, so if you do a mission defense or heroic defense they’ll wreck your base.

  16. Thanks but is this possible to get unlimited resources ?

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