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GODDESS KISS v1.036.12 Mod APK


GODDESS KISS v1.036.12 Mod apk for Android.

A kiss will change the world! Strategy RPG with beautiful angels, Goddess Kiss!

Experience a thrilling excitement of battling the front line in unique mechanical units commanded by various beautiful characters!

■Notice■ This Game requires device with 1G or more RAM to be run more smoothly.

■Say “Goodbye” to those heroines that never responds to your controls!■
– Touch your beautiful angels created with Spine tool, and experience various responses and motions!

■My angel should have a beautiful voice!■
– Talented voice over artists are employed to provide beautiful voices to all angels!

■A kiss is the magical remedy to awake a brainwashed angle!■
– Free the brainwashed enemy commanders and scout them to your team!
– Only your kiss can free the beautiful angels from their brainwashed trance!

■You want her to like you? Give her a gift!■
– Present gifts to your commanders with items you collected through various battles to increase their likes for you!
– You can open their profile if their likes for you reaches certain level by giving them gifts! Your Stat increase is added bonus!

■Costume is not just clothing. It’s an affection!■
– Changing costumes is essential for growth of beautiful angels!
– Let’s dress up your favorite characters to make them more unique and beautiful!

■Play various contents and collect more points to scout even more beautiful angels!■
– Accumulate Star points from various contents and hire unique commanders and build your elite battalion!
*Arena: Battle against other players and be the Best of the Best!
*Daily Battle: Battle against the enemies in different battlefield each day!
*Death Match: Eliminate all the enemies that are blocking your way. The player who goes the farthest is the winner!
*Boss Raid: Attack a colossal enemy command ship! Objective? Inflict as much damage as possible!

■Don’t forget to stay on top of upgrading the mechanical units!■
– Each commander engages in a battle riding inside a mechanical unit. Each unit has unique skills and attack pattern.

■■Permission Notice■■
The following permission is required to play the game.

■Access to device photos, media, and files
: This permission is used to save and retrieve game play Data.

■Access to contact information
: This access is required for Facebook and Google Play features (Achievement & Leader Board).

■Access to device status
: This access is required to check the Country Code (MCC) to set optimum server for corresponding country.

What’s New
1. Zone 14 is opened and new pilot ‘Charlotte Binoche’ is added for clear reward
2. Additional Gold +4 Grade is added
3. New effect is applied when the complete Pilot is appeared in the Treasure Box
4. We have renewed unit texture for some previous pilots


Mod info:

1.) Massive damage
2.) God mode
3.) Weak Enemies

Please note: This mod does not work for Arena, it will cause error and force closed.

Download [Google Play]

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  1. Update pls

  2. please update the game

  3. Ohh… it worked now. thx

  4. God mode didn’t work on me

  5. Please, update this mod. Thanks for your.

  6. Please update i love this mod 😀

  7. seems no chance, too bad (

  8. any chanse mod ‘ll be updated ?

  9. please update to 1.024.12 %))

  10. please update to 1.024.12 .. we love your mods ❤❤❤

  11. Can u please update to last version?

  12. Please update to the latest version

  13. Update please to 1.019.12

  14. Forced close due “Network Error” right after first battle 🙁

  15. Can you disciple legacy or hero dream

  16. server busy after maintanance complete,help me please

  17. Force close on 2-14

  18. Excuse me sir but can you make a separated version of it where in the other has no massive damage but it has god mode and unli ammo? Please reply. Thanks. 🙂

  19. Abu Ali Aldosari

    Thanks for your best work.
    Dear brother.
    After downlo9ading & installing this game & when it start message showed say “you need to download update data to play the game ….etc”

    I will do it then I will see what it’s new…

    Thanks once more.

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