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GODDESS KISS v1.010.02 Mod APK


GODDESS KISS v1.010.02 Mod apk for Android.

Welcome to “GODDESS KISS” A Special Forces division of peace & law enforcement R.E.A.P.
Liberate your brainwashed troops from enemy forces and grow your troops into elite power!

★ Unravel the GODDESS KISS story together with the goddesses!
10 different chapters with 200 mission stages awaiting your challenge!

★ Create a collection of attractive goddesses!
Each goddess has their unique personality and traits. Create a collection of the goddesses along with their distinctive units.

★ Experience robust battles of GODDESS KISS goddesses!!
With simple controls, utilize each unique goddess skills and create strategic battle plans to destroy the enemy units.

Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Parental consent is required for persons 13 years or below to download and play GODDESS KISS.
Note: This Game requires internet connection.

※ Paid content (items) purchases are charged separately.

What’s New
1. Federation system has been added.
2. Affection system have been added
3. Carnival feature has been added.
4. New Pilots added
5. New costumes have been added
6. Unit upgrade requirements have been renewed.
7. Pilot stats and skills have been modified for Game balance.
8. VVIP Shop available for VIP 12 and above.


Mod info:

1.) massive dmg
2.) god mode

Download [Google Play]

GODDESS KISS v1.010.02 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

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  1. Please, update this mod. Thanks for your.

  2. Please update i love this mod 😀

  3. seems no chance, too bad (

  4. any chanse mod ‘ll be updated ?

  5. please update to 1.024.12 %))

  6. please update to 1.024.12 .. we love your mods ❤❤❤

  7. Can u please update to last version?

  8. Please update to the latest version

  9. Update please to 1.019.12

  10. Forced close due “Network Error” right after first battle 🙁

  11. Can you disciple legacy or hero dream

  12. server busy after maintanance complete,help me please

  13. Force close on 2-14

  14. Excuse me sir but can you make a separated version of it where in the other has no massive damage but it has god mode and unli ammo? Please reply. Thanks. 🙂

  15. Abu Ali Aldosari

    Thanks for your best work.
    Dear brother.
    After downlo9ading & installing this game & when it start message showed say “you need to download update data to play the game ….etc”

    I will do it then I will see what it’s new…

    Thanks once more.

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