Wuzzit Trouble Extreme v1.0 Cracked APK

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Wuzzit Trouble Extreme
Wuzzit Trouble Extreme

Wuzzit Trouble Extreme v1.0 Cracked APK for Android.

Wuzzit Trouble Extreme will develop all important critical problem-solving skills, creative thinking and persistence!

Don’t be fooled by those cute, cuddly Wuzzits. The Extreme version of the popular Wuzzit Trouble game tests your brain’s ability to develop successful problem-solving strategies.

This is Brain Fitness at its best, with a valuable twist. While you are exercising your brain by struggling to solve 75 of our most difficult math puzzles, you are increasing your general mathematical problem solving ability and strengthening your capacity for algorithmic thinking.

In Wuzzit Trouble Extreme, your job is to free the lovable Wuzzits from the traps they’ve inadvertently wandered into inside the castle. Use your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to unlock the Wuzzits’ cages by gathering keys. Along the way you can also give the Wuzzits treats and collect special items from each of the rooms you explore. But take care to avoid dangerous hazards in your path!

Wuzzit Trouble Extreme apk

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