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War Boxes
War Boxes

War Boxes v1.87 Mod APK for Android.

Two teams. Two bases. And dozens of ways to raze it all to the ground! Join the battle with online game War Boxes! Prepare for action! Choose your tank, your tactics and destroy the enemy base! It’s your call how to do it: plant a mine, set an ambush or make a new path blowing up the walls. Or just mash another sheep on your way. Different ammo and vehicles – everything for your fun! Give yourself a treat, try it! Remember: your enemy is clever and will try to have some fun too. You have to be good to survive, because this game is hard. Stay alert at all times: your quick wit, skill and power will help you in the battle. Life or death!

– Free2Play game;
– Play online: many allies and enemies!
– Many maps;
– Fully destructible maps: no limits for your victory!
– About 50 types of tanks and other vehicles: ride the machine you really like!
– Tactics: great opportunities! Whether you prefer to sneak or to charge – you are free to try everything.
– Nimble fingers: the most skillful player wins!
– Team play: cooperate with other players;
– Pick&Win: get the advantage on the battlefield picking up the bonuses!
– The funny moments: get your dose of slightly black humor!
– Fresh content: we are always adding something new into the game – new tanks, maps and other features!
– Enjoy the cubic graphics!
– Game Social Community: meet your teammates, find new friends and join the discussions. Stay in touch: we have contests and prizes!

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What’s New
– Tank upgrade system: improve your tank’s stats! All upgrades may be produced in new huge hangar;
– New 12 tanks:
IS-2 (Panzer)
T 34-85
M4 Sherman
Leopard 2a4
Mk VI Crusader
Multiple rocket launcher M270
М1128 Stryker-MGS
Valentine Mk III
M3 Stuart
Т-2 (Pz 2)
– Stats balance have been optimized
– Change the tank instantly by pressing “Replace” button
– Switch between two or more tanks in the battle! New slots system added: choose up to 4 your tanks and change it on the battlefield!

War Boxes mod apk

Mod info:

  • 3 times Tank speed

Download [Google Play]

War Boxes v1.87 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

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