Valerian: City of Alpha v1.2.1 Mod APK + DATA

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Valerian: City of Alpha v1.2.1 Mod APK + DATA for Android.

“The official game of Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets!”

Build, manage, and develop Alpha, a thriving space metropolis in the universe of Valerian. Embark on a galactic journey like no other and immerse yourself in this stunningly looking sci-fi game!

• BUILD: Turn Alpha into the ultimate space metropolis!
• MANAGE: Create a place where humans and aliens can live together in harmony!
• COLLABORATE: Connect with alien species to unlock technologies and resources!
• CRAFT: Build advanced space ships and assemble the best crew!
• EXPLORE: go on missions in the infinite Valerian universe!

BUILD THE ULTIMATE CITY IN SPACEAlpha is a place where humans and aliens coexist harmoniously. By sharing knowledge and intelligence, you can take Alpha from space station to bustling metropolis, with sectors and habitats where everyone contributes to the enhancement and progression of their home. Bring Alpha to galactic heights!

EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE OF VALERIANRecruit and train agents, assemble an elite team and send them into the unknown. Launch explorative missions into a universe of infinite wonders. Bring back new lifeforms, new technologies and resources for the further improvement of Alpha!

Become the architect of The City of a Thousand Planets and shape the future of our galaxy!

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Valerian: City of Alpha mod apk

Mod info:

1. Infinite Gold
2. Infinite Diamonds
3. Infinite Items
*Increase when used

Download [Google Play]

Valerian v1.2.1 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

Valerian v1.2.1 OBB | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

8 comments on "Valerian: City of Alpha v1.2.1 Mod APK + DATA"

  1. Tavo says:

    The mod it’s great but, once you finish the tutorial it doesn’t let you select missions, you can craft and everything, but you can’t actually advance in the story.
    Hope you you can fix it any time soon. Thank you

  2. Sekiyami says:

    How do we get past making rocket. Thrusters?
    Everytime the game freezes.
    For me at least.

    • Mod_Almighty says:

      Download the original from play store, get past tutorial… copy the original obb folder elsewhere then uninstall the play store version…. Download and install the mod apk…. copy the original obb file back to internal > android > obb. Mod should work as normal after that.

      • bod says:

        what he said, this is also what I did. also, game is NOT erased when you uninstall, the files are kept in another folder so when you install the original from the play store, you will continue in crafting the launcher

  3. Damo says:

    I can also confirm that is true. I just went through the tutorial, once you create the alpha launcher it does freeze.

    Hope it’s fixed soon. You guys are the best! *bro fist*

  4. Argiatsu says:

    Can’t pass tutorial. Game freezes at the crafting part…

  5. Choron says:

    Game Freeze in tutorial..

  6. Zhakk says:

    Game free when crafting alpha launcher during tutorial, hopenthis get fixed..

    as always awesome job!!!

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