Pokémon GO Known Issues (How to Fix)

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The following is a list of common bugs that have been reported in the current version of the Pokémon GO.

PokéCoins and premium items do not appear in my account
Please try the following steps if you’re having trouble seeing PokéCoins or premium items in your account:

  • Sign out and sign back into Pokémon GO. Open Pokémon GO, touch Main Menu > Settings and then select “Sign out.”
  • If that does not resolve the issue, try powering off your device and restarting.

Receive ‘You already own this item’ error message (Android only)
If your device loses internet connectivity while purchasing PokéCoins from the shop, you may receive the “You already own this item” error message. Please power off and restart your device to resolve this issue.

Trainer progress temporarily resets to Level 1
You may have inadvertently created two Pokémon GO accounts: one account using Google and one using Pokémon Trainer Club. If you create an account with one login method and later attempt to use the other login method, a second account is created. To resolve this issue, log out of your account via the Settings menu and then log back in with your original login method.

Distorted audio
In some situation, music and sound effects within Pokémon GO app may become distorted or delayed. This issue often occurs while connected to Bluetooth audio. We are aware of the issue and we are actively working on a solution.

Heavy battery use
Some devices may experience battery drain while playing Pokémon GO for prolonged periods of time. We are working on a solution.

My location is incorrect, unavailable, or jitters/drifts
We’re constantly working to improve GPS accuracy and stability. In general, GPS accuracy largely depends on the device you’re using and your signal/connection strength. To improve your device’s location, please review the following settings:

  • Pokémon GO has location permissions enabled
  • Internet connectivity is enabled (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi)
  • Device location/GPS is enabled
  • Location/GPS set to high-accuracy mode

Receive ‘This item is not available in your country’ error when trying to download the app.
Please check your Google Wallet settings to ensure your address is based in the proper country. If this doesn’t work, you could also try reaching out to the Google Play support team via their Help Center.

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2 comments on "Pokémon GO Known Issues (How to Fix)"

  1. Punit Pandhi says:

    Hey I’m not able to battle in gym as when I go to gym, no Pokemon’s appears.. It shows a gym batlle ground with no Pokemon’s.. Also when I open my pokedex to see particular pokemon . it displays everything about Pokémon but except the pokemon image..
    So it would be great help if you tell me that how can I solve this problem..?

  2. Luke Hill says:

    Hi, I love the work you guys have done to get this app out. It’s fun to play and I love every moment of it… However, I can’t login to google. I figure it’s probably because it’s not supported or something like that. I’m having a struggle because when I first got the official app, I started out on my gmail. I had to get a different phone since then and it’s been of a lower android version hence the reason I’m playing your hacked version. I was wondering if you could at all find a way to get google accounts to work for it? I hate to restart, and though I’m having fun with my brother’s trainer account, I would like to get my google account working. I had a pikachu too. It would be much appreciated if you could, but if not, it’s understandable.

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