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ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE v11.2.1 Mod APK [Japan Version]


ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE (ONE PIECE トレジャークルーズ) v11.1.1 Mod apk [Japan Version] for Android.

Large adventure attracted fellow! Do a simple tap flashy combo!
In Pirates of your own, you jump into the world of One Piece!

◆ new sense of Action connecting the combo in the tap! ◆
“ONE PIECE Treasure Cruise” is a simple tap operation
New sense tap Action to great power battle of the original just like to enjoy!
It will decide the combo by tapping timely fellow characters who!
In addition, the quirky “deathblow” that all the characters have also reproduced in de flashy production.
Fascinating characters who are rampaging in Torekuru!

◆ relive the original story! That name scene revives! ◆
The beginning of the story meets a boy Luffy and “Shanks of red hair,” “fuchsia village”.
The original story can relive in the “Quest”, excitement and that excitement revives!

◆ grow gathered the fellow, trying to formed a Pirates of your own! ◆
Not only the main character, is also distinctive name supporting cast Gotham!
And get the Bounties in the tavern, try to make a variety of characters to fellow!
Grow a fellow that was gathered, Aim the strongest of the Pirates!

◆ blow large damage in the “cooperation technique”!
When a determined attack on the specific character of the order,
A super-strong “cooperation skill” occurs!

[Recommended OS version] Android4.0 or more

ONE PIECE トレジャークルーズ mod apk

Mod info:

Menu mod

1.Damage Multiplier
2.God Mode / Freezed to high valueHP
3.Unlimited Cards Space
4.1 Wave Win

Download [Google Play] – JP version


Download: ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE Global version

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