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My Hospital
My Hospital

My Hospital v1.1.93 Mod APK for Android.

World’s healthiest game!

Cure your way through the quirkiest and funniest diseases in My Hospital – the ultimate simulation game where you design, manage and maintain your very own medical centre!

Create elixirs, farm and harvest your own medical plants and produce cures for hundreds of patients that need your help. It’s a world where Panacea rules and every treatment is available at your fingertips!


Construct and manage your own hospital. Build doctor’s offices, diagnostic rooms, the treatment centre and laboratories. Expand and upgrade your hospital and share it with friends!


Farm and harvest plants with healing properties, produce dozens of elixirs, and blend syrups to treat more than 80 funny diseases. Whether it’s a chilli throat condition, frozen hands or slimey lungs, you’ll be sure to find the cure! Unlock new remedies, treatment rooms and new conditions with every level and complete fun challenges!


Customize each area of your health center to make your patients feel at home. You have tons of decorations to choose from and when you finally manage to make it look as pretty as a picture, show it off in front of your friends!


Connect with your Facebook account to access your friends’ Hospitals around the world. Buy, sell cures and compete with other Hospital managers. Tell them about your achievements via Google Play Games and Facebook.

Please note that My Hospital is free to download and play. However, some in-game items are available and can be purchased for real money.

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What’s New
– Tree in a lab? Pond inside a clinic? Make your hospital unique – now you can place decorations anywhere you want!
– Smoother gameplay experience
– Lots of bug fixes – thanks to your feedback we can make My Hospital a more FUN experience!
– NEW daily rewards!

My Hospital mod apk My Hospital hack apk

Mod info:

1. Unlimited Coins*
2. Unlimited hearts*

*How to use?

Buy something, your money will go down. You still can spend your coins/hearts even go negative. Close the game and restart the game. You would then see your money increase.


Download [Google Play]

My Hospital v1.1.93 Mod APK

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15 comments on "My Hospital v1.1.93 Mod APK"

  1. Fred says:

    Not working. At all. Open and closed the a hundred times.

  2. Jack Sparrow says:

    Update the game plz as fast as possible ☺️

  3. Harold says:

    I need a mod hacked game for mobius final fantasy

  4. Sekiyami says:

    Well since my fist comment was apparently not worthy enough to be posted, I thought I’d try again.
    For me this mod is not working i don’t know if its me or something you guys did on your ends.
    I installed it I had around 7500 hearts
    I spent all of them expect they don’t go negative
    Don’t was like okay I’ll exit the game and I’ll have them all back like your instructions say. So I exit and come back in heart gem balance still at zero so I repeat this process 6 more times with no luck. So then I’m like okay maybe I need to earn heart jems back first. I earn like 20 exit game come back still nothing I spend the gems still won’t let me go into negatives exit game come back still balance at zero.
    I thought I’d let you guys know with a more detailed explanation since I see some members like to treat people like idiots of a mod didn’t work,and they come to let you know.

    • iHackedit Staff says:

      In this new update version, you will have 9999999 of everything. Just install and good to go. Please try again.

    • iHackedit Staff says:

      Sorry,didn’t work out for you,but the mod is working, you need to close the game completely then enter the game again.

  5. Sekiyami says:

    This mod isn’t working, it says exit the one and all gems will return I started out with 7500 and spent them then exited and still only had 4 I tried to exit 6 times with no prevail

  6. Ashish Raj says:

    Please hack war of ring game

  7. Connor says:

    Needs updating

  8. Demonic says:

    Please update the game , cheers ✌

  9. vishal says:

    Please update this game

  10. leo says:

    Hey there 👋. Can I suggest 🙏. Can you hack the garena gas for all league of legends gamer’s and thunder strike gamer’s. Only the spin make it unlimited spin. Plsss. Thanks 😊

  11. Jazz says:

    Is there anyway i can save my progress and move it between devices? i am unable to connect to google play with this mod or facebook.

    Thanks for making these awesome mods. this site is the most effective and efficient ive seen.

  12. Milano hex says:

    The version need update, please…

  13. UsedGum says:

    make a cheat for grandchase m please..

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