Monster Super League v1.0.17062205 Mod APK

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Monster Super League
Monster Super League

Monster Super League v1.0.17062205 Mod APK for Android.

# Adventure with the Astromons!
Monster Super League summons you to the fantasy world of Astromons!
From cute to stylish, catch & collect monsters of all sizes and shapes!
Collect over 550 types of Astromon in Monster Super League!

# I Choose You!
Catch wild Astromons out there in the field, or summon them by hatching the mysterious eggs!
Collect & evolve your favorite Astromons!

# Evolve and Grow!
Your Astromons will evolve to change in looks and gain additional skills.
Sometimes, they will evolve into very rare variants with even more power!

# Strategic Combat!
Even the same Astromons can differ by attributes & combat style.
Build your team to adventure through over 100 stages in various natural environments!

# Populate your Airship!
Astromons you catch & summon get to live on your airship.
Sometimes you might even have a surprise visitor!

# Socialize with friends!
Summon your friends from all around the world to chat and exchange gifts and tips!

# Become stronger in your own way!
Collect Astromons with different attributes to build your own best team.
Grow your Astromons faster by feeding fruits, and unlock additional powers with special runes!

# Immersive Content!
Dive deep into the story of Astromons through 8 different regions!
Challenge yourself in daily Dungeons for better rewards!
Battle against other players in the Astromon League!

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Monster Super League mod apk

Mod info:

– One-Hit Kill – Linked & Buggy*

*Sometimes when you attack, the enemy won’t actually be hit.

Download [Google Play]

Monster Super League v1.0.17062205 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

37 comments on "Monster Super League v1.0.17062205 Mod APK"

  1. moipoi says:

    please update this game please please please

  2. nick says:

    sir pls update it

  3. rerererer says:

    pls update :c

  4. Hi Ro says:

    please update its mod

  5. oh it's just me says:

    please update. and also, please put where this mod works like every dungeon or does this work in astromon league too? and will i get banned if i use this? thanks in advance.

  6. yuki says:

    its would be awesome if this works 🙂

  7. Orliongbz says:

    Platz fix cant Login

  8. God Serena says:

    nope.. not working.. “error code 100”

  9. James says:

    i keep getting error code 100. how do i get past that?

  10. DAMON says:

    It keep saying your log in is cancelled

  11. seichirosan says:

    Its only for rooted devices. both have high damage.

  12. docktordick says:

    Awesome, works perfectly. Thank you!

  13. Jery Agustian says:

    When i start the game its always error ?
    Why admin ?

  14. Error says:

    Error :’
    “illegal program detected” 🙁

  15. DAMON says:

    Same here too…pls fix it thanks

  16. Vigores says:

    Why cannt login with google id?

  17. Michael says:

    It won’t let me play because the Google and Facebook login dont work

  18. Shadrach lane says:

    Is this game really that good ? Suggestion to i hackedit mabye sometimes u guys could put more pictures of gameplay and/or video along with the mod info sometimes i have to look in the pkay store to see if i really want to download it

    • Izan says:

      They alrdy made a hack for you. You cant even put in the effort to check if its worth the download? Talk about ungrateful

    • dfallen says:

      Well if u interested in that game, u can search it by ur self..u have the internet connection anyway

  19. dfallen says:

    OMG thank you so much admin, im waiting this mod game release

  20. hrungnir says:

    its for rooted or non rooted device?

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