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Idle Defrag
Idle Defrag

Idle Defrag Mod APK latest version download for free.

Relive the 90’s by watching things defrag! Earn money to increase your defrag speed and unlock new things to defrag! It’s the most exciting thing about the 90’s brought to the present day!

What’s new


  • Added a neat little review prompt.

  • Fix for defrags sometimes persisting across resets. It looks like some places were holding on to references, this should fix it. Please email me if it does not.


  • More balancing

  • More Defrags added

  • Production release if no bugs are found.

23: Breaking change, please reset to fix

  • All defrags now complete a frag in .1 seconds.

  • The time decrease upgrade has been removed.

  • You now get cash per frag instead of only when the entire defrag completes.

  • The timer decrease upgrade is replaced by an upgrade to increase the maximum frags

  • Because of all this, the balancing is now shot. I did a rough pass to set stuff up, but more changes around balancing will be coming.

  • I would personally recommend a complete reset. It seems more fun now.


  • New defrags added, more balancing.

20: Breaking change, please reset to fix

  • An issue with the way google does cloud save files was causing an error. To fix it, I had to change up the save model, which broke the upgrades. A reset will fix it.

    • You’ll also need to clear out your cloud save:


  • Changed a bunch of pricing.

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Idle Defrag mod apk Idle Defrag hack apk

Mod info:

  • Permanent Turbo mode

Download [Google Play]

Idle Defrag v27 Mod APK

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