HOPE Online (Heroes of Perfect Element) v1.0.13 Mod APK

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HOPE Online
HOPE Online

HOPE Online (Heroes of Perfect Element) / HOPE Online -城攻めアクション v1.0.13 Mod APK for Android.

Castle attack action RPG “HOPE Online” packed with indentation elements finally officially released!

■■ Game Features ■■ 

Easy operation! We will team up with adventure dungeon heroes and enter into battle mode such as castle attack, team battle, battle royal. If you raise your hero firmly and make your own dream team, that is useful for each battle. It is possible to arrange strong heroes and castle attacks advantageously, but on the contrary it is possible to put strong heroes at each facility in their castle to further secure the castle’s defense! 

(Game details) 
In order to regain the deprived continent, we will capture the mysterious dungeons of the six areas. In this mode, we will build a team with three heroes and proceed. Let’s choose the strongest three from the raised characters! In addition to the three heroes, you can also summon a friend’s hero, so successfully summon it in a difficult situation and strategically exploit the dungeon! 

■ Make · Protect (Castle · Equipment) 
Let’s build a solid castle! The castle has various facilities for the production and defense of resources. Let’s prepare for the upcoming castle attack by raising the level of those facilities. At the same time, increase the capacity of the production facility, make weapons armor and equipment and make heroes stronger by using the produced resources! 

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To attack 
Let’s attack a solid castle with an elite hero corps! Three heroes of the main team took over the team with an elite army corps. We will introduce 10 heroes that will turn to support further at the timing of “Konomi!” And bring it to the flow of the fall at a stretch. The attack full of speed is the charm of the castle attack. Let’s challenge “the strongest raid” when making the strongest corps! Where can we withstand strong boss monsters even if they face boldly with more than 10 heroes? 

■ Raising a hero and enjoying various battle modes, you can strengthen the castle, produce resources, and make things. Castle offensive action RPG “HOPE Online” is a game that you can play for a long time, start playing from content that suits your taste, and discover new convincing elements naturally as you play. Please enjoy “HOPE Online” in your own style! 

[Supported Terminals] 
Smartphones and tablets equipped with Android OS 4.1 or higher 
* It does not guarantee the operation on all Android terminals.

HOPE Online mod apk HOPE Online hack apk

Mod info:

1.) Attack X20 
2.) Defense X20

Download [Google Play] – Game in Japanese

HOPE Online v1.0.13 Mod APK | mirror 1 | mirror 2 | mirror 3

4 comments on "HOPE Online (Heroes of Perfect Element) v1.0.13 Mod APK"

  1. calvin says:

    After playing for two days , it won’t play anymore , keep crashing on the loading screen ?

  2. Brian says:

    is the apk in japanese

  3. Demonlorrd says:

    Help: how to change language to English

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