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Hollywood Story
Hollywood Story

Hollywood Story v10.3.2 Mod APK  for Android.

Here is your chance to become a true Hollywood Star!Welcome to the star-studded, stunning and spectacular streets of Hollywood Story!
Build your own movie star career, dominate the red carpets throughout the city, hang out with fans, friends and followers, create own fashion lines, shoot awesome blockbusters and become a true Hollywood icon!

Make your own movie star! Personalize your avatar, choose your clothing, fashion style, hairstyle and make-up. Leave your own unique mark on the movie industry!

Win auditions and shoot blockbusters! Promote your movies and earn fans!

Meet designers and wear unique fashion dress made only for you!

Create your own star-signed fashion collection, design own perfume and become true megastar with hordes of fans!

Meet the hottest Hollywood stars and hang out with them at epic parties on fabulous locations – it’s time to live the dream!

Progress through the game and unlock amazing new locations and engaging new features! Hang out in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Manhattan, Las Vegas and other exciting locations!

With great fame comes great media frenzy! Paparazzi will be waiting in front of your home to get a picture of you, so be prepared for tabloid covers.

Meet new people, play with your friends, visit their homes and check out their movies. Then share your accomplishments with the world!


A new update is available!

Spring is about to arrive into Hollywood!
With the new season, some of the most prominent Hollywood residents have decided to freshen up their looks. Be sure to experience all the flowery patterns and vibrant clothes in the exciting content that awaits you!

New events:

– Fan Gifts: Flower Power
– Gold Pass: Cherry Blossom

Other additions include:

– new stories
– new looks
– game improvements and visual tweaks
– bug fixes

Thanks for playing!

Hollywood Story mod apk

Hollywood Story v10.3.2Mod Info:

  • When exchanging crystals for money, the number of crystals increases (the exchange can be found by clicking on money in the upper left).

Download [Google Play]

Hollywood Story v10.3.2 Mod APK

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4. Done!

14 comments on "Hollywood Story v10.3.2 Mod APK"

  1. shaunte tilley says:

    Thank you

  2. shaunte tilley says:

    Hey thank you

  3. cielanne says:

    Will toi update to the next version?

  4. Tanmayi says:

    Please update it to 7.8

  5. Someone says:

    Why does it exit me out of the game? Saying that I need to update to the newer version etc.

  6. Minnie says:

    Can you mod “Don’t Starve”? It’s a game that needs to be bought, I’m cool if it’s not necessarily unlimited money or unlimited anything. I just really wanna play the game instead of having to buy it. Unlocked characters would be cool too. I just really wanna play it. Thanks! I don’t really trust other mod apk sites because I tried another one once and the mod fucked with my phone terribly. I had to delete everything in my phone short of reformatting it.

  7. Fahri says:

    thanks for this mod sir, can you mod seal : new world ? i hope you can:)

  8. davis says:

    very amazing game thank you

  9. Laurel Paras says:

    Please update to 5.5.

  10. Zwolf says:

    Doesn’t work for me, still decreases.

  11. Kajal says:

    Decreasing after shopping items

  12. Veronica says:

    Thanks for this mod. I really like it 🙂

  13. Porsche says:

    dear ihackedit team update to v.4.0 please !

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