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Hide Mock Location v1.3 [XPOSED][4.0+][Mod]

Hide Mock Locations
Hide Mock Locations

Hide Mock Location is Xposed Module, which hides information about ‘Allow mock locations’ setting enabled to chosen applications.
User can choose between two modes of blocking: WHITELIST MODE or BLACKLIST MODE.

In WHITELIST MODE all apps see ‘Allow mock locations’ setting as disabled, except for apps chosen by user, which are immune to setting spoofing.
In BLACKLIST MODE all apps see ‘Allow mock locations’ true setting, except for apps chosen by user, which see ‘Allow mock locations’ setting as disabled.

Application works in on-fly mode, which means it doesn’t need to reboot phone or restart apps to apply change of settings.

You can choose one mode at time (BLACKLIST or WHITELIST)!
If you leave switch in WHITELIST MODE, BLACKLIST MODE checks doesn’t matter and If you leave switch in BLACKLIST MODE, WHITE MODE checks doesn’t work.

To spoof Pokemon Go: set mode to WHITELIST (Pokemon Go have problem with BLACKLIST) and check just Fake GPS App, minimize or close Hide Mock Location, set Locations option in Android to GPS only , open Fake GPS, spoof location, minimize it, then open Pokemon Go. I was using it with Fake GPS, which uses Road spoofing (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.gavrikov.mocklocations).

If you have GPS signal not found error, your Fake GPS isn’t working, try to change location settings, check Fake GPS app or change it for other app.
If you have Failed to detect location error, you wrongly configured Hide Mock Location app.

Enable module and reboot phone, Open HideMockLocations app, set switch in mode of your choice, then just select apps to block/allow.




Hide Mock Location 1.3

* Show/Hide launcher icon feature
* Settings window
* Fix Right-to-Left layout
* Whitelist Google Play Services mode
* Fix problem with checking ‘Allow Mock Locations’ in developer settings
* Minor changes with detecting Xposed part of app.
1.1: Removes bug, which occurs on certain ART devices. It was preventing application from detecting Xposed Module (via self hook), which was reason of invalid “Xposed module disabled” view in application. Thanks to @Nomaan1234 for testing.
1.0.1: Fixes log spamming with ClassNotFoundException
1.0: Initial release


Mirror: Google Drive Direct download link

* Check BLACKLIST MODE fault with Pokemon GO


  • Be aware that unskillful usage of Fake GPS (e.g. frequent ‘teleportations’) will get you banned in Ingress or Pokemon GO. Use Road GPS Spoofers for own safety.
    I don’t take responsibility for possible bans.
  • I know that there is MockMockLocations module, but it wasn’t updated for long time (till this week) and was lacking features (e.g. no apps chocie), also it wasn’t working for apps which I needed e.g. Pokemon GO. So I started to develop my own module with new features that fulfill my needs.
  • Please report bugs in this thread or Github Issues.
  • Application was tested on Android 4.4.

All Credit Goes To:Marlowguy @ xda-developers

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