Galaxy Control v5.7.98 Mod APK

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Galaxy Control
Galaxy Control

Galaxy Control v5.7.98 Mod APK for Android.

Galaxy Control is an ultimate space combat strategy game with next generation 3d graphics and fast-paced combats!

Gather minerals and extract uranium, defend your base with laser towers, missile turrets, cannons, walls and mines, create the ultimate army with unique ground and air units! Battle with millions of players and take their Fame point and resources! Became the TOP 1 in the galaxy!

NOTE! Galaxy Control requires internet connection.


– 100% FREE TO PLAY ultimate space strategy
– Gather minerals and extract uranium to build and upgrade your base
– Defend your base with laser towers, missile turrets, cannons, walls and mines
– Create the ultimate army with more than 11 unique ground and air units
– Battle with players from all over the world and take their Fame Points and resources
– Campaign Mode with more than 30 unique missions
– Unlock 25 unique achievements and goals

Galaxy Control mod apk

Mod info:

1. Disable Enemy Defense
2. High Damage

Download [Google Play]

Galaxy Control v5.7.98 Mod APK

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Galaxy Control v4.30.62 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3


3 comments on "Galaxy Control v5.7.98 Mod APK"

  1. Mac says:

    Please.add anti ban anti cheat detection.i have the same issue as the others banned after a couple matches.

  2. vivek says:

    This mod APK got me banned so easyly just after 2 hours of straight play…….just attacked 2 other players……I think it’s good if u upgrade the anti cheat thing…..any way thanks for ur mod… this website a lot… very thanks for all the mods u provide us with

  3. Shadrach lane says:

    Lol dang i got banned right after the second pvp match i did

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