Fantasy Squad: The Era Begins v1.3.1 Mod APK

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Fantasy Squad: The Era Begins
Fantasy Squad: The Era Begins

Fantasy Squad: The Era Begins v1.3.1 Mod APK for Android.

Journey with [Stein], Erashid’s Light of the NEW World
Train a Squad of Heroes, to complete fulfill your QUEST!
Extreme Action RPG! Start a NEW ERA on your Fantasy Legacy

In the far, far north. The [Wall of Wonders] stood tall as the sky
Isolating a world where [Guardians], beasts and diverse creatures exists in harmony
The Wall that was unmoved and unscathed through the test of time
Until the day when, humanity received a grim reminder of the dangers of the unknown
On that fateful day, the wall cracked open and unveiled the hidden Northern World

Challenge yourself! Tame the Guardians to be humanity’s LAST HOPE
Withstand Garashid’s curse! Form a Squad that can smash them to pieces!
This is now your fate…

Game Features

★ Stand tall to be humanity’s last hope!
In a strange world beyond the wall. Heavenly bodies ruled the land. Are you WORTHY to dominate the Guardians?
Fight back and simmer the experience in battling collosus monsters. Stand tall to be humanity’s last hope!

★ Get CRAZY with 500,000 possible Team Combination!
Empower your Squad with the Fate System!
Empower your Squad with the Area Link System!
Battle other Squad with over half a million Squad Combination (Team Formation)!

★ Immerse your senses with Immense Story and Character Depth!
Journey with the Hero and embark on a course changing destiny!
Relish the familiar RPG style and savor the story unlike any other!

★ The Ultimate Fantasy Squad – Strategy & Plot!
Entangle yourself with the awesome Characters and their profound backstory
Establish your own Fantasy Squad with strategic team formation, combination to conquer vital plot!

★ Real Time Battle FEVER!
Leave your boring ass game!
Embark on a NEW World of dynamic real-time PRG adventure!

Fantasy Squad: The Era Begins mod apk

Mod info:

– Player High Damage
-Crit Chance and Crit Damage
– Enemy has No Defence,
– Enemy has No Blocking
-Enemy 0 damage
– PvP enemy dmg 0.7x & heroes dmg 2x

Install Steps:
1.) Install Original Version First to Bypass Tutorial
2.)Uninstall Playstore Version and Install modded APK
3.) Enjoy

Download [Google Play]

Fantasy Squad v1.3.1 Original APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

Fantasy Squad v1.3.1 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

You can also install any Android APK on PC:

1. Download and Install the best Android Emulator on Your PC

2. Download the APK file.

3. Drag and drop the .apk file to emulator.

4. Done!

11 comments on "Fantasy Squad: The Era Begins v1.3.1 Mod APK"

  1. Rafa says:

    Please update

  2. Zooming says:

    Hello, fantasy squad mod for new version v1.3.2 please thanks.

  3. pengembara says:

    new update please for fantasy squad. thanks

  4. Kaye says:

    Please mod the game ‘Sword of Fantasy’ thanks. 🙂

  5. zakaria says:

    hi team like Justin Reicardo say that not working whin you install the moded ver you couldent be logine in

  6. jrcho says:

    Please make saven knight mod,thanks.

  7. Steven says:

    Can you help me with this, after play original version, i’m download a mod version but can’t login to my fb account or google account. How can i fix that, plzbhelp and thank you

  8. Justin Reicardo says:

    Hi, I’ve tried logging into both Facebook and my Google account to initially bypass the tutorial however after downloading the mod I’m unable to login to either of them, only option would be the guest account which requires me to go through the tutorial however it glitches as the attack is too high lol XD, any possibility you could create a mod data as well? thanks for all the hardwork!!!!! 🙂

    • Steven says:

      I got that problem too 🙁

    • Someone else says:

      How u can pass the tutorial with guess account. When they said need to use skill. My screen show “unable to use skill”. Plz show me

    • FDBESIDEYOU says:

      Mods can’t be log in with google account. need to log in with facebook. and you need to delete your facebook app first.

      anyway the mod doesn’t really work well.
      – Player High Damage (Only sometime and work only with some hero.)
      -Crit Chance and Crit Damage (working fine)
      – Enemy has No Defence, (can’t really tell)
      – Enemy has No Blocking (can’t really tell, though i saw block by enemy before.)
      -Enemy 0 damage (you still can receive damage by enemy)
      – PvP enemy dmg 0.7x & heroes dmg 2x (can’t really tell)

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