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Dragon Hunter-Furious Love v0.16.121 Mod APK

Dragon Hunter
Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter-Furious Love v0.16.121 Mod apk for Android.

Break the Rule and Marry a Dragon!
Marriage System is Online.
Find Your True Love!

□Marriage System Comes Online! Find Your True LOVE in the Furious Battle!
□Shine YourSelf in Personal Moment! Make Friends without Limitation!
□Special Game engine built from intelligence Vision Inspection Technology to maximize performance on mobile
□A Magical Land with all different creatures. There are various Ancient Fairy tales and Epic Stories.
□ Train your armed dragon for different Dragon Forms to crash Bosses.
□QTE battle system and Action game.Slide your fingers to be a hero smoothly
□Arrows and Swords. Choose your Attack Mode depending on condition
□Real-time PVP, Ladder Tournament.Can you rule this world?
□Three Natural Elements. Multiple Skills Restrain Each Other.
□Guild Wars, Field Boss, Strategy of Moba. Different interesting gameplays.
□Easy to Socialize. Fight and stand beside your buddies

Hundreds of years ago, The Ancient God, Bahamut The Destroyer broke free from his captivity. He brought fiery discord across the Land Icyria. All the warriors of Icyria stood together and fought back. At last Bahamut was sealed in a huge rock and banished to another dimension.
After that Holy War, peace came to Icyria again. All the creatures worked together to bring back civilization to this land.
But before long, amounts of dragon monsters went crazy. They destroyed everything they saw with their ruinous power. At this moment, some young adventurers came here.They were born with the supernatural powers with which they can talk with Dragons and train them. So they are proficient to hunt down Evil Dragons with their Legacy. They are「Dragonborns」.
Could they save Icyria? Would Bahamut come back to life again? The War between Humans and Dragons begins……

What’s New
1. New level: increase the character level cap to 100.
2. New Chapter: Storyline Dungeon Chapter14 and Chapter15.
3. Increase Duskmoon Set& Vow Set refine upper limit to 15
4. New Set: wedding set
5. New mercenary: Deicide Phantom
6. New system: marriage
7. New system: Personal Moment
8. New system: Summon Boss
9. New system: Gem activation

Dragon Hunter mod apk

Mod info:

  • God Mode (Enemies don’t attack)

Download [Google Play]

Dragon Hunter v0.16.121 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

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  1. My game stuck on loading screen, I also tried to install this mod on original app as update but it didn’t work either. What should I do?

  2. stuck on loading screen…please fix..thanks :)

  3. stuck at loading page…huhuhu

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