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Day R Survival v1.388 Mod APK

Day R Survival
Day R Survival

Day R Survival v1.388 Mod apk for Android.

– Hardcore survival:
Hunger, radiation, thirst, traumas and diseases won’t give you a chance to relax.

– Realistic world:
The turn of the seasons, monsters, a huge map of USSR and more than 2500 different towns and cities.

– A lot of opportunities:
Hundreds of crafting schemes, dozens of quests; a lot of weapons, armour and allies.

– Improve your skills:
Mechanics, medicine, chemistry, driving, cooking, fighting with firearm and explosives, survival and others.

– Cooperative mode:
The Online mode with a chat room, exchange of items and united fightings.
Benefits of Premium version:
– 1000 caps and other bonuses in the broken train
– 20% discount in the shop
– button “Disable ad”
– save in any place
– chat without any limitations
– sending parcels without any limitations
– access to all kinds and colours of map markers.

Not sure? Try free version!

War never changes. In 1985 USSR went down before an unbeknown enemy. In a few days the entire country became a radioactive wasteland – violence, hunger and diseases reign here now. The terrible monsters roam the ruins of the soviet cities searching for their prey. The cruelty of the survivors knows no limits: the bandits attack civilians robbing, raping and killing them.
The cause of the war is unknown and does not matter any more. Hunger and hate are the only feelings of the zombie-like survivors.
When you no longer loose in the fight with the death, the other survivors wait for you in the cooperative – the Online mode let you survive together dealing with difficulties, talking in the chat room and sending gifts to each other.

Day R Survival mod apk

Mod Info:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Premium Unlocked

Download [Google Play]

Day R Survival v1.388 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

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  1. would be awesome if you updated this game to 1.604, devs claim this game cant be modded and claim to have made it super hard to mod. also please dont forget Last Day On Earth update 1.9.9

    Thanks So Much For This

  2. Update this game please….

  3. Please update to v1.573. It’s outdated.
    Does it really worked? I’ve been searching from any other site but they barely hacked the game, it’s only unlocked the paid version.

  4. Update it pls

  5. Jonathan Racette

    Updating this game woul be awesome its a great game so mutch stuff to do really it would not be a waste of time allot of ppl love this game

  6. Update to 1.548 please

  7. Update please

  8. Update this please

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