Arena of Saiyan : Dream Squad v2.0.5 Mod APK

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Arena of Saiyan
Arena of Saiyan

Arena of Saiyan : Dream Squad v2.0.5 Mod APK for Android.

The Evil Incarnation has arrived. The Universe needs new Super Heroes. Are you Strong enough to answer the call?

Create your own team by your Favorite Characters! Assemble Teammates and Partners with complimentary abilities to unlock super powerful Skills. Take your DREAM SQUAD to the Arena and rise to the Top!

Each Characters suit his own Gears, right gears will bring bonus to your ATK, HP, Rebound, Leech, Tenacity, Dodge, Hit and Crit for your heroes. Come up with your very own strategy and defeat all opponents with the gears advantage!

Promote your heroes’ abilities with strongest gears as you play for even more powerful attacks and strong lives. Then fight other players in Tournament, Cross-server Arena, and League to become the Fighter of universe in Hall of Fame.

Lead Raids with friends and face off against powerful bosses by creating one customizable League! Command your League members through League Chat and engage in Daily League Activities to earn rare rewards. Stake out your spot at the top of the League Leaderboards and watch your legend grow.

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Arena of Saiyan mod apk Arena of Saiyan hack apk

Mod info:

{.1.} – AutoWin – Start stage -> 3* Win

How to use?

1.Download and install TuT.apk to bypass tutorial if this is your first play.

2.Download and install Mod apk. Enjoy! (mod will overwrite tut apk, no needed to uninstall)

Root required? No, works on both rooted and unroot Android 4.0.3 and up


Download [Google Play]

Arena of Saiyan v2.0.5 TuT APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

Arena of Saiyan v2.0.5 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

15 comments on "Arena of Saiyan : Dream Squad v2.0.5 Mod APK"

  1. John says:

    Please Fox It thanks

  2. LCF says:

    This does not work. I believe root is required. Can anyone confirm it works on unrooted device?

  3. Gagagaga says:

    Please Fix It,thanks

  4. MAjin says:

    Hello, first of all love your work, thx a lot for the hours of fun. I found this game and strated playing then i came to lookm for a mod XD and tried this one but it desnt seem to connnect to my current acc. am i doing something wrong? i tried the TUT and mod overwrite but still cant connect or skip the tutorial.

  5. Goku says:

    Bro the auto win mod is not working
    Plz fix it

  6. ibnu says:

    This mod not working. Can be update to work?

  7. Rock On Bros says:

    The auto win is not working bros
    Plz fix it

  8. Rem says:

    Mod is not working now

  9. Ron says:

    Plz update F

  10. saaaiyajin says:

    the problem of the last stage has been fixed or not?

  11. Junior says:

    Sometimes its frozen in boss fight and game need install playstore version to work again

  12. Abeel says:

    Its working but its stop on last fighter on stage on all stage and you have to unistal and instalacji not modes version pass it and instal mod version van you Fix it?

  13. Cucurettu says:

    Thank you very much!!

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