App Cloner v2.1.1 Mod APK [Premium]

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App Cloner
App Cloner

App Cloner premium mod apk for Android.

Using App Cloner you can create and install multiple copies of your existing apps.

Cloned apps run in parallel and work independently from their original apps. They will not receive automatic updates so you can keep and run a stable version alongside the original app.

App cloning can be useful to simultaneously use multiple logins in apps such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but the real fun starts by messing around with an app. App Cloner offers a multitude of modding options to tweak the new app copy.

You can change the app name and icon. You can remove permissions or allow a cloned app to be installed on the SD-card. You can disable auto-start and wake locks. Or convert your app into a floating window app.

App Cloner can extend a cloned app to add functionality such as password protection, incognito mode, hiding the Android ID or spoofing locations. You can also force the app to consume data over Wi-Fi only. There are over 200 app customization options and each update will add more.
The free version allows basic cloning. Upgrade to premium to enjoy the full set of premium options:

• Clone premium apps (Messenger, Gmail, Fake GPS apps, Bukalapak, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, VK, Parallel Space)
• Create multiple app clones & use batch cloning
• Save cloned apps
• Replace launcher icons
• Clone watch apps & watch faces

Privacy options:

• Password-protect apps, including Stealth mode
• Fake calculator app
• Disable access to contacts, calendar, call log & clipboard
• Exclude app from recents
• Incognito mode for apps, incognito keyboard
• Change or hide Android ID, IMEI / IMSI, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth MAC
• Change Google Advertising ID
• Randomize build props to prevent device fingerprinting
• Hide Wi-Fi info, hide SIM & operator info
• Remove permissions & disable permission prompts
• Spoof GPS location
• Hide mock location
• Fake time zone
• Prevent screenshots
• In-app floating keyboard
• Disable auto-fill & clipboard access
• Exit app on screen off, ‘sneeze’ to exit
• Hide root & presence of other apps
• Disable Logcat logging
• Disable share actions
• Disable device admins & accessbility services

Display options:

• Change status, navigation and toolbar colors
• Invert colors / dark mode
• Allow dark mode (Android 10)
• Change the rotation lock
• Modify views & replace text on screen
• Change the app display size, language & default font
• Keep screen on, immersive mode
• Floating apps & free-form windows
• Multi-window & picture-in-picture support
• Flip screen / HUD mode
• Hide notch & use larger aspect ratios
• In-app live chat
• Allow screenshots, text selection & share image views
• Long-press to copy text
• Reveal password fields
• Skip dialogs
• Add splash screen & welcome message
• Screen saver
• RTL (right-to-left) support
• FPS monitor
• Color filter
• Change or disable activity transitions

Media options:

• Mute volume on start
• Mute while app in foreground or for text on screen
• Start sound
• Disable cameras & mic
• Disable audio focus (allow playing audio / video alongside other apps)
• Disable Chromecast button
• Show on secondary display
• Volume rocker locker & indicator
• Disable haptic feedback
• Audio playback capture

Navigation options:

• Floating Back button
• Confirm app exit
• Shake to exit app
• Swipe to go back
• Long-press Back & fingerprint sensor actions
• Fingerprint sensor & volume key actions
• Key mapper
• Kiosk mode
• Reprogram volume keys
• Popup blocker
• Block activities

Storage options:

• Install app to SD-card
• Disable photo & media access
• Redirect external storage
• Prevent app backup
• Prompt to keep app data on uninstall
• Bundle OBB expansion files, SD-card directories or exported app data
• Bundle original app
• Clear cache on app exit
• Securely delete files & directories on app exit

Launching options:

• Remove widgets & launcher icon
• Add internal activities as launcher icons
• Disable auto-start
• Make app persistent
• Disable background services
• Disable app defaults
• Start app via secret dialer code
• Quick settings tile
• Disable wake locks, modify job scheduling
• Fake battery level
• Request to ignore battery optimizations
• Make home, camera or assist app
• Device locking
• Start / exit app for S-pen, headphone or power events
• Launch app with NFC tag

Networking options:

• Disable all networking
• Disable / enable networking manually via notification
• Disable mobile data, background networking or networking when screen is off
• Disable networking when not connected to VPN
• SOCKS proxy
• Show IP info
• Disable clear-text networking

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Notification options:

• Notification filter & notification quiet time
• Silence notifications & change vibration
• Change notification color & lights
• Snooze notifications & notification timeout
• Change notification visibility & priority
• Remove & replace notification icons & actions
• Change notification text & categories
• Add notification dots to app icons
• Filter toasts & change toast position, duration & opacity
• Invert toasts

Android TV & Wear OS options:

• Android TV launcher support
• Change Android TV banner image
• Joystick pointer for incompatible apps
• Picture-in-picture support
• Use TV version on mobile devices
• Remove & make watch apps

Automation options:

• Set brightness on start
• Do not Disturb, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & auto-rotate controls
• Set clipboard data on start
• Execute Tasker tasks
• Auto-press buttons
• Flashlight while app is open

Developer options:

• Change app version name & code
• Hide developer mode
• Logcat viewer
• Change Target SDK version, Android version & build props
• App valid from / until
• Custom permissions
Not all apps can be cloned! Cloned apps may crash, show errors or work incorrectly.

Features that depend on the app certificate like Google logins, Google Play Services, Google Play Games, Google Drive backup or in-app purchases WILL NOT WORK!

Cloning an app will change its certificate, which means the clone may not work in case the app validates the certificate or uses advanced copy-protection.

Some apps that CANNOT be cloned:

• AliExpress
• Dana
• eBay (still works before Android 8.0)
• Evernote
• GCash
• Grab
• Kodi
• Lazada
• OneDrive
• Pokemon GO
• Skype for Business
• Snapchat
• Trello
• Viber
• WeChat
• WhatsApp (please clone GBWhatsApp or YoWhatsApp instead)
• Most Google apps (however, Chrome, Gmail & YouTube work fine with some limitations)
• Most Microsoft apps (however, Skype & LinkedIn work fine)

Use ‘Report app issue’ to report a problem with a cloned app.

To install the clones from your device you need to enable Settings > Security > Unknown sources. If the Install button is disabled or doesn’t click, you must temporarily disable overlay apps such as chat heads, blue light filters or floating widgets.

You can enable the App Cloner Install Service to fully automate app installations (see Settings).

Anti-virus apps may show warnings for cloned apps. These warnings are false positives and can be ignored. They are caused by the unofficial certificate used to sign clones.

The premium version supports 20 clones. You may donate to support development and unlock up to 1000 clones. Some more intrusive options and features are linked to donations (see details). All donations require the premium version. Larger donations do NOT include smaller donations. App Cloner purchases and donations may be used on up to 10 devices.

App Cloner 2.0 introduces premium subscriptions, which is the same as premium but also includes new premium modding options added in App Cloner 2.0 and later. The purchase is valid for a full year and does not get renewed automatically.

All product and brand names mentioned above are property of their respective owners.

What’s New:

• Bug fixes
• You can now search for modding options inside groups (
• Long-press to star modding options (
• Privacy option ‘Change Google Advertising ID’ (
• Display option ‘Add padding’ (
• Display option ‘Long-press to copy text’ (
• Display option ‘Allow sharing images’ allows saving images to gallery (
• Display option ‘Color filter’ (
• Display option ‘Activity transitions’ (
• Navigation option ‘Key mapper’ (
• Launching option ‘Job scheduling’ (
• Networking option ‘Host mapper’ (
• Networking option ‘Enable / disable networking via notification’ (
• Networking option ‘Disable networking when the screen is off’
• Networking option ‘Override bind address’ (
• Media option ‘Mute while in foreground’ (
• Display option ‘Select all on focus’ (
• Notification option ‘Notification dots’ (
• Cloning option ‘Package name check workaround’ (
• Improved option ‘Hide SIM & operator info’ (

App Cloner premium apk App Cloner mod apk

<<<< Beta Mod >>>>

● Premium Subscription Unlocked
● Add-ons Features Unlocked
● All Donation Features Unlocked
● No Separate Premium App Needed

Current Bug : Can’t set Custom ID to IMEI, MAC, Advertisement etc.


App Cloner v2.1.1 Mod APK [Premium]

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