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Airport Ops
Airport Ops

Airport Ops v1.24 Mod APK for Android.

You are hired as the manager of an airport. Your job is to manage the flow of aircraft smoothly thereby getting money to build a 5 star rated airport.The airport ,based on its rating will attract contracts from major Airline companies thereby getting more aircraft hence more money . You control traffic by avoiding collisions , delays and planes diverts . Get paid and grow your Airport by buying and upgrading Buildings (Terminals . Hotels , runways etc).
if you like sim city type of games , this game is definitely for you. You are challenged to build a 5 star Airport which will attract contracts from major commercial Airliners. Each Airliner has different type of Aircrafts and require different buildings to be present for them to give you a contract. You have to strategically place you buildings so can move traffic efficiently thereby avoiding collisions , delays and airplanes diverting to other Airports.

Airport ops put you in the forefront of managing an Airport and controlling ground traffic. Airplanes may come for emergency landings, on which if not landed in time , they will crash in air.
emergency planes
control ground vehicles
unlock achievements
get on the elite manager board
upgrade builds to get contracts from Airliners
propeller , jet planes
private and commercial planes
sim like style of game play
plane collisions
collect money from Airliners
refuel, repair , offload , board planes to get money and xp points to level up
stop planes from diverting and getting delayed to get bonus money
build restaurants , car parks and hotels to get more money
upgrade Airport Terminals to attract more passengers and big Airplanes
lots of missions to complete
complete missions to gain rewards
addictive game play

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Airport Ops mod apk
Mod info:

  • Unlimited Golds

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