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Abyssrium v1.2.9 Mod APK


Abyssrium v1.2.9 Mod apk for Android.

Deep in the ocean’s abyss where all is quiet…
Make friends for the Lonely Corallite.

In the dark abyss lives one Corallite, all alone. Make some friends for the Lonely Corallite. Collect lives, create new coral and fish—you can build a splendid underworld!

There’s no rush. Enjoy watching the new creations swimming through the deep sea, listening to the melodic music…take your time.


Fish and coral of all shapes and colors!
As the Lonely Corallite grows, new fish and coral appear all around. From small fish to the great big Blue Whale—enjoy the world of the abyss that grows more beautiful with each new added life.

Simple Controls
You can create coral and fish with just a simple tap. In Photography mode, you can easily switch angles and observe the fish.

Beautiful Sound
The cry of a whale, the sound of water droplets, the lyrical background music—they all guide you to a beautiful musical world. Put on your headsets and bask in sounds of excellent quality.

Google Saved Games Support
You can enjoy your abyss aquarium on several Android devices at once.

VR (Virtual Reality) Support
Use Cardboard to enjoy your abyss aquarium in VR mode. You can watch little fish swimming overhead and right before your eyes—in 3D.

What’s New
– Added New Dye item : Snowflake Potion
– Added New Theme : Frozen Ocean
– Added auto save point to secure user Data
– Minor bug fixes

Abyssrium mod apk Abyssrium android mod

Mod info:

1. Unlimited Gems *
2. Unlimited Hearts *
3. Unlimited Candies *
(* Increase)

Download [Google Play]

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  1. Please update to 1.5.9

  2. Plz update it plzzz

  3. hi there, i’m not demanding anything but if its possible, could you make one for the 1.2.7 version? thank you and you’re awesome

  4. Update to 1.2.1 pls!!!!!!!!

  5. Please update To 1.1.2

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