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Valkyrie Crusade v5.2.1 Mod APK

Valkyrie Crusade
Valkyrie Crusade

Valkyrie Crusade v5.2.1 Mod apk for Android.

“The maidens have come. To the world up in the heavens!”

Valkyrie Crusade combines epic RPG-style card battles featuring beautiful maidens with a fantastic town building simulator. Enjoy both types of games at the same time!

■Beautiful Battle Maiden Cards!
Summon a variety of beautiful maidens!
Create your own units, fuse cards with evolution and amalgamation, and charge into battle.
Become friendly with your maidens and strengthen your bonds……

■Create a Beautiful “Kingdom”!
Build structures with various effects, and design your own unique town.
Even players who are not adept at RPGs can enjoy building and decorating their town.

■Magnificent Battles!
Organize your units and march into each area to restore peace to the Celestial Realm in the “Campaign”.
Battle other players in a “Duel” to get “Sacred Relics”.
Work together with comrades to defeat powerful enemies known as “Archwitches”.
A variety of card battles await you!

What’s New
New and revised content in Version 5.2.1
・Event announcement feature bug fix
・Other small improvements and bug fixes

Valkyrie Crusade mod apk Valkyrie Crusade hack apk

Mod info:


– Infinite Skill Proc/Instant Awaken Burst/100% Trigger Chance


-100% Trigger Chance Only


-100% Trigger Chance (Limited)/Endless Awaken Burst

Root required? No, works on both rooted and unroot Android 2.3+

OBB required? No, just download and install apk.

Download [Google Play]

Valkyrie Crusade v5.2.1 Mod v1 APK

Valkyrie Crusade v5.2.1 Mod v2 APK

Valkyrie Crusade v5.2.1 Mod v3 APK

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  1. ver 5.2.1, mod v 1,each time finish battle in periods event, always pop up msg box say “Connection error … bla bla bla” and its back to first screen, than the battle count “draw” and its not count but consume battle point, hope u can fix it in the nxt updt….
    Thanks :”)

    • I had that too but what I did was use a deck then the next fight let them kill you then switch to another deck and repeat but u need a lot of battle points

  2. Update 5.2.1 please.

  3. The mod v3 works in Demon Realm Voyage?

  4. Update v5.2.0 thank you. 😘

  5. update to 5.2.0 please :)

  6. please update to V5.2.0

  7. Update v5.1.0 thank you. 😘

  8. please update to v 5.1.0 :)

  9. Bro. they update to 5.1.0. Please update.

  10. bro sorry, but why after upte v.5, evrytime i clear the wave of event why i alwys get notive error 319?
    anyone have problem like me?
    or it’s bug from dev?

    • Every time I meet this situation, it means I’m operating too fast, and code 319 represents too fast a operation

    • me too ………..

    • i try ply with no use all hero skill just 1 skill and, boom i got error 139 again..
      so do you have a any clue?
      so for now i ply with no mod… i hope i will not get banned…
      its so made me frustating…

    • The v1 (probably) still works in other events (Tower and AW hunt) because they haven’t been modified (yet). For now, only the v2 version of the mod works with the new event, and that probably won’t change until someone else shows up with something new.

    • The operation 319 error is because the values are not there when activated. You have no skills activation left and when you the unlimited auto skills again. Bam it goes.

  11. bro… there update v.5.0.0.
    can u pls update the app?


  12. Need 5.0.0 update, hope you will have no difficult with that update ^^

  13. please update to 5.0.0

  14. Thankyou you’re amazing! Time to defeat more lv.100 witches! >:}

  15. Request the latest update please! 4.6.1

  16. 4.6.1 update

  17. Please fix the lagg bug

  18. update it for the loops brother

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