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TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars v1.63.0.21147 Mod APK


TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars v1.63.0.21147 Mod apk for Android.

Join millions of players in the battle for Earth! Side with the Autobots or Decepticons and assemble the ultimate team of Transformers using Combiners, Triple Changers and Beast Wars characters.

Construct the Space Bridge to summon classic heroes Optimus Prime, Grimlock and Bumblebee through to infamous villains Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave. Forge colossal Combiners including Devastator, Superion, Predaking, Bruticus and Volcanicus, the new Dinobot Combiner.

Form alliances with fellow Autobots or Decepticons from around the world. Demonstrate your power by competing in multiplayer events and planning with fellow allies.

Each Transformers character is equipped with a unique ability. Change form to deploy stronger attacks and turn the tide of battle!

Protect your Energon by building an impenetrable fortress with technology from Cybertron!

PLEASE NOTE! Transformers: Earth Wars is free to download and play, however, some Game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-App purchases. Wi-Fi or cellular connection is required to play.

What’s new?

The following changes are live or coming soon:
– Added an indicator that appears over buildings when Smokescreen or Brake-Neck can instantly destroy them with their Special Ability
– Increased the range and reduced the cost of Snarl’s and Hun-Gurrr’s Special Ability
– Reduced Special Ability cost for Warpath and Skullsmasher
– Improved the damage and health of Bumblebee, Perceptor, Rust Dust, Bombshell, Scavenger, and Skrapnel
– “Slog” is now called “Sludge” and “Strafe” is now “Swoop”

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars mod apk

Mod info:

  • Infinite Energy

Download [Google Play]

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars v1.63.0.21147 [Beta] Mod APK

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  1. Has the crashing from using too many skills during pvp been fixed yet? It use to work a few updates ago.

  2. Mod still doesnt work correctly.

    Yes, transformer skills cost 0 so you can use them as much as you want but if you do that the game will crash and give you nothing.

    There must be some check by the game if you could use that many skills or not and if you go over it crashes.

  3. so this is a different game? i ask because i had titanium backup backup my data and to it, this game is completely different. it views it as transformers earth wars beta while the older mod was transformers earth wars (version #)

  4. New update required please..

  5. I keep crashing after game and gain nothing. Please do something. And can you make cyber coins mod too?

  6. It was a pain to get working (this new update) BUT the game no longer crashes when using mod in battles. YAY! thank you so much.

  7. Mod seems broken now. Whenever i use skills in battle the game crashes and causes you to gain nothing.

  8. I just started playing after seeing you had this mod. what exactly does infinite energy do? building stuff costs different resources. Are we talking during battles with the cost to use their abilities?

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