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Jurassic Survival v1.1.27 Mod APK

Jurassic Survival
Jurassic Survival

Jurassic Survival v1.1.27 Mod apk for Android.

You were cast away on a mysterious island, full of giant dinosaurs. Dying of hunger and cold, you have to hunt, collect resources, craft things and build a shelter. You need to do your best to survive among hungry giant dinosaurs inhabiting the island. Team up with other players or take everything they have! Do whatever you want, but remember – the most important thing is to survive.

In any situation, remember:


You can tame any dinosaur. Of course that’s not safe, but carrying logs on a diplodocus is much easier. And letting a huge tyrannosaurus loose on your enemy is extremely exciting.


Fresh meat, fruit and water – the island has lots of these. You just need to take yours and avoid being eaten.


Pretty simple. Collect as much building materials as you can and build your impenetrable fortress. But you have to be careful with the fence height because some dinosaurs will be able to easily step over your fence and visit you.


You can have a good time chasing lizards with a stick. But it will be smarter to create a good weapon and armor, stock up on different equipment and start hunting some big animal.


Think dinosaurs and players are the only ones you’ll come across? Then give a look in hidden dungeons…


If the role of a lone hunter is not for you, team up with other players to build a common village. There are many pluses: from huge common buildings to raiding most dangerous beasts!

These are just general points, the Game world is much deeper and more interesting. What are you waiting for?

Jurassic Survival mod apk

Mod info:

– Item Duplication (Split an Item to get more)
– Free Crafting (Craft without required items)
– Free Building (Build without required items)
– No Building Requirements
– Free Upgrading (Upgrade without required items)
– Infinite Weapon Durability
– Infinite Armor Durability
– Unlimited Coins (Spend coins to increase)
– Unlimited Skill Points (Use skill to increase)
– Unlimited Energy (Buy with coins)

Please note: Some of these features might not work perfectly. And this Game is still on BETA.

Download [Google Play] – No Root required

Jurassic Survival v1.1.27 Mod APK

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  1. Please update to 1.0.7 , thank you :)

  2. Update to v.1.0.7

  3. Hi Again, could you fix the strike that is covering the life bar PLEASE? It is hard to tell when I am almost dead… 😁

  4. Hi there; thanks for this hack, it works very well. I am wondering when will you be bring out the next update? The wall is up and I am seeing to see what’s on the other side….. Again, thank you for all your help.

  5. Mod for high sea saga please 😊

  6. Please update to 1.0.6.

  7. crafting all armor def=0 , plase fix it

  8. How can we join or Create a village plus how can u get a egg….no T-Rex nest have shown up since I started to play the updated version

  9. I can’t play, loading bar for hours :(

  10. why cant i finalise or finalize the incubator… even after completing all the required resources??

  11. for all those who can’t kill or do no damage, just store your items away and go die, after put back on your items and all should work. Do reply on my comment if this worked for you as a fix.

  12. error
    please fix app

  13. Can you fix error please :)

  14. I try to reinstall but nothing still no dmg to dinos. Fix guys please.

  15. Hi guys can you fix the error i can kill no one. I shot like a crazy and nothing 0 dmg on dinosours. I try all guns but nothing.

  16. The bladder error is now fixed but still can’t access in the crafting menu. Is that still not an option in the original game either?

  17. Please update to 1.0.5. Thank you.

  18. Can you fix error guys full bladder?

  19. Hi iHackedit,

    Is the full bladder error fixed?

  20. Sadly it cannot linked to my google account

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