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Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed v1.0.4.3 Mod APK

Dynasty Warriors
Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed v1.0.4.3 Mod apk for Android.

Dynasty Warriors is the legendary ultimate high adrenaline battle experience in Action Combat games. Celebrate the return of your favorite heroic characters, massive battles overflowing with onslaughts of relentless enemies wrapped in a timeless epic saga to unite the three kingdoms. Your elite warriors and cunning strategies are forces to be reckoned with. Promote your generals, build your armies and, battle to the death as you strive to fulfil the vision of your ancestors.
• Survive massive battles against unyielding hordes of enemies

• Choose Wisely: 48 legendary characters from the Dynasty Warriors series!
– Each officer has their own unique skills and abilities
– Create powerful officer teams to conquer every mode

• Strengthen your officers with the signature weapon system!

• Dynasty Warriors comes to mobile with a variety of Game modes!
– Skirmish: Battle in real time with up to four players
-Boss Fight: Jump in and raid the boss with your friends
– Raid: Steal fragments from your opponent
– War Supply: Occupy mines and acquire resources
– Conquest: Compete with other players to take control of the map

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed mod apk

Mod info:

1. High Damage
2. High Defense
3. High HP
4. High Crit Chance
5. High Crit Damage
6. No Skill Cooldown

Requires: Android 4.1 and up, works for both rooted and unroot devices.


Just download the mod apk from the link given below and install. You need to download about 900MB additional Data in-Game the first time.

Side note:

If the game crashes on start (happens on some devices), just keep clicking on screen after launched the game. Change the resolution to Full-HD after enter the game,the problem will be gone.

Download [Google Play]

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed v1.0.4.3 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

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  1. For those who find that it cant work, equip gears on the char. the gears are the factor that changes the power level and damage.

  2. Any luck on fixing this mod?

  3. Error
    Failed to extract resources needed by il2cpp

    I need help

  4. please update the mod 😀 i really hope from you ihackedit, such a beautiful work from you given to us

  5. i’m really fan of the ihackedit. but this unleashed apk god mod didn’t work well…
    plz fix it…
    i wanna clear all mission
    that is very difficult to me

  6. Hi ihackedit I really love your mods you guys are great!! But dynasty warrior mod didn’t work at all could you guys fix it on your free time? Thanks so much!!! 😀

    • iHackedit Staff

      It worked for my first play, I closed the game and started again then it won’t work anymore. Need to figure it out.

  7. Can you fix this mod for us? This is a pretty cool game. Really appreciate all the hard work you do

  8. Mod is not functioning.

  9. God mode is not working, i take damage and i just died. Can anyone verify?

  10. mod line ranger please

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