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Dungeon Legends v1.78 Mega Mod APK

Dungeon Legends
Dungeon Legends

Dungeon Legends v1.78 Mega Mod apk for Android.

Enjoy a true action RPG experience with Dungeon Legends.

Challenge other players in REAL TIME in the arena and become a legend of the dungeons. Go through the levels in search of incredible TREASURE or for help to overcome the challenges in CO-OPERATIVE MODE. Join a clan and fight for control of the dungeons.

Develop your skills and adapt your character to your style of play. Select your skills and become a WARRIOR, HEALER or DEFENDER before you start a Game.

As a Dwarf, there comes a time when you have to leave your town in search of gold and glory. Take on the challenges of the dungeons to earn experience and gain the respect of your people.

Enter the dungeons and take part in the weekly events. In each unique journey you will get new rewards that will help you improve our skills.

Fight against other players in real-time batt

What’s New in Dungeon Legends v1.78 Mod apk

Discover the NEW INTERFACE: More user-friendly, and 100 % more funny.
The treasure hunter now gets BETTER items in his quests.
Bug fixes and system optimizations

Dungeon Legends mod apk

Dungeon Legends v1.63 Mega Mod info:

1. Unlimited lives.
2. Unlimited gems.
3. Unlimited coins.
4. Coins drop rate increased to 100%.
5. Unlimited mana.
6. Mana drop rate increased to 100%.
7. Fast level up.
8. Exp drop rate increased.
9. Heal/life drop rate increased to 100%.
10. No skill cooldown.
11. Mob low HP.
12. 1 Hit Kill.
13. Obscured Amount Checker Bypassed.

Clean Apk Has – Bypass feature in it.

v1.76 mod info:

1. Exp gain multiplied
2. Blacksmith upgrade time and cost 0
3. Hunter time length 0
4. you get mystical item everytime you use hunter
5. blacksmith can upgrade mystical items
6. item upgrade lvl adjusted to 99, most of skills gained adjusted to 28 so you get stronger items than anybody else
7. no dmg from traps

v1.78 Mod info:

No waiting time for blacksmith and hunter
Item upgrades rised to 99
Gold reward from hunter x999

V1: Clan event reward 9.999.999 for gems and gold
V2: Clan event reward 9.999 for gems and gold

Downloads: [Google Play]

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Dungeon Legends v1.76 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

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  1. How do you get it to work?

  2. my gem minus -482, i cant purchase any item haha

  3. I get banned but still can play 11/10

  4. cant pass tutorial stuck when they tell u to heal

  5. any chance for chaos chronicle?

  6. mod not working, any tips or just working? please fix it 🙂

  7. The mod not work for me, plz help and thank you

  8. Can i save this game, love your mod

  9. The MOD for ver. 1.75 you can’t pickup items and gold or anything. Please when you have time we need a fix.

  10. Please fix, doesn’t work the unlimited money

  11. Requesting for Drastic Ds emulator license patched for non root devices. Thanks

  12. It resets the stats everytime you exit the game fix this man.

  13. Its great but it resets rhe stats everytime I try to buy something and tells me an error connecting to server.

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