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Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod APK

Brave Frontier
Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod apk for Android.

Rise up, Summoner, and save the world of Grand Gaia from peril!
Assemble hundreds of legendary Heroes and lead them against the dark hordes! Classic turn-based JRPG meets intense Tap & Swipe action as you evolve and combine godly powers to unleash devastating combos! Join forces with millions of Summoners on your most epic journey yet!

• Explore Grand Gaia and uncover new worlds through more than 500 story-driven missions.
• Face over 30 bosses in turn-based, action-packed battles and slay the terrifying Four Fallen Gods!
• Claim back dominion over the land as you journey from the peaceful hills of Mistral to the ungodly depths of Ishgria.

• Summon over 350 stylish Heroes, Beasts and Villains – from Divine Emperors to Inferno Goddesses!
• Assemble your team, level up and unlock ultimate Evolutions – from 1-Star to the almighty 7-Star!
• Meet a charismatic cast of characters inspired by Japanese manga art and animated in the greatest tradition of 2D pixel art.

• Activate more than a 100 unique combat skills in an intense strategy-oriented battle system!
• Find the perfect combination of Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light & Dark) to crush your enemies!
• Charge up your most devastating abilities, Brave Bursts, and obliterate migthy bosses with Critical hits!

• Craft over 200 unique potions and magical Spheres to customize your powers in battle!
• Upgrade your Town to unlock new crafting options and make your own high-level equipment!

• Loot the rarest items, equipment and even special Heroes in dozens of time-limited dungeons.
• Compete in PvP Arena battles and rank up in Frontier Hunter championships for epic rewards!
• Beat high-level content added regularly such as Trials, Grand Gaia Chronicles & Ultimate Challenges!

Brave Frontier RPG has received praise all over Japan for its terrific cast of characters and classic role-playing gameplay! Enjoy even more special features and unique Heroes exclusively in this European version!

What’s New
Bug Fixes

Brave Frontier mod apk Brave Frontier RPG android mod

Mod info:


[.1.] Energy Hack – Quests & Vortex Costs 0 energy
[.2.] Normal Parades Always Open
[.3.] Insta BB & SBB

v1a: (For Frontier Hunter Event/For safety and not getting banned)

[.1.] Energy Hack – Quests & Vortex Costs 0 energy
[.2.] Normal Parades Always Open
[.3.] Temporary item slot 15000 38250 / item cap 250


[.1.] Energy Hack – Quests & Vortex Costs 0 energy
[.2.] Normal Parades Always Open (only lvl lock)
[.3.] Insta BB & SBB (Brave Burst & Super Brave Burst)
[.4.] God Mode


[.1.] Energy Hack – Quests & Vortex Costs 0 energy
[.2.] Normal Parades Always Open (only lvl lock)
[.3.] Insta BB & SBB (Brave Burst & Super Brave Burst)
[.4.] God Mode
[.5.] Temporary item slot 15000 38250 / item cap 250 (*new/as request)


– All vortex open
– Unlimited farm frog,imp elgif and etc
– Energy cost 0 (Quests & Vortex)
– Temporary item slot 15000 38250 /item cap 250 (FIXED)
– Enemy hp 10000
GOD mode (It’s back :))
– All quest open
– Evo no need level max (FIXED)
– Instant BB and SBB


  • Everything from v3 but without Enemy hp 10000


  • Everything from v3 but without God Mode


  • Everything from v3 but without God Mode & Enemy HP 10000


  • Everything from v3 but without item slot mod


  • Everything from v3 but HP=1

v3f: (AUTO WIN)

  • Everything from v3 but HP=0=dead,auto win version.

Root required? No, works on both rooted and unroot Android devices.

How to use?

If you are first time playing this Game, you better download the original apk to bypass the tutorial, then download and install our mods. (no need to uninstall,your Data will be remained)

If you previously downloaded and installed the game from play store, you need to backup all your Data, then uninstall your playstore version, then download and install our mods.

If you have always been using our mods but need to install a newer version mod? Simply just download and install the new mods, they will overwrite the old one, and your data will be remained. You don’t need to uninstall the old one to install the newer one(s). All mods have same signature from us, they will overwrite each other. Enjoy!

Issues & Solutions: (Thanks to Honz)

1) Max number of items reached.
There are 2 situations for this. One is when you are trying to proceed with quest or vortex, when you try to proceed system will prompt you with this msg, simply unequip all your items and you are good to go.

Another is when you try to receive items from the present box or redeem anything from the exchange hall. That is because your default item storage is 100 and the item mod is just there to let you continue auto questing without the system realize you have more items than your default storage and prompts you to sell/expand before you can continue. To solve this simply sell your items or synthesize or etc to reduce your item to 99 slots or less, note that when you are using item mod you will not be able to expand storage. So install a normal apk (posted above) and gem to expand, this is the only way I know of. Unless you can keep your items to 100 or less at all times.

2) Unable to link Facebook account to your current game account
Simply disable/uninstall your Facebook App on your mobile and then connect your account through in game settings. The game will then prompt you to log in Facebook using your browser, and voila you should be able to link your account and will no longer to lose your account (unless they ban you of course).

Download [Google Play]

You need to connect to WIFI to avoid connection error.

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Original APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v1 APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v1a APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v2 APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v2a APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v3 APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v3a APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v3b APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v3c APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v3d APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v3e APK

Brave Frontier v1.9.30.0 Mod v3f APK

Brave Frontier RPG Mega Mod APK

About iHackedit Staff

We are huge fan of Android. Android is love,Android is life!


  1. Can i request a mod with V3a feature without 0 energy hack ? So i can pretending that i do contents innocently :p

  2. can u make the god mode works in summoner world? thx.

  3. can i do frontier hunter event and i will not be ban? anyone tried?

  4. Hey there! The item cap actually works in a sense that we can continue questing and stuffs without the prompt to notify you that you have too much items and need to sell or expand to continue, but it will not work if u try to redeem or receive any items from the present box, exchange hall or the event bazaar.

    Can we do anything about it? So far I have quested or participate in raid by not equipping any items so I dun have those irritating prompts but the system just won’t let me receive or redeem items due to the default storage only have 100 slots, the only way is to install the unmodded version and gem to expand.

    Anyway there will be an update in 4 hours and probably going to last for at least 6 hours so I will be here waiting for you guys as usual. Nevertheless always a great job from you guys and I really appreciate what u all have done, with it being free and all. God bless you!

    • Funny thing you mention taking the items off because i realized that there was 100 revives (the regular one) when you can only carry one revive per quest, I’ll try it out and update the situation

    • Your slots need to be “truly free” to receive items from gift/presents/bazaar/exchange hall/craft…
      For example, although this mod can increase your limit to 38250 (or 15000), your slots is truly 100. So you need to keep items <100 to receive.

      I have try several mods from years ago and all have this limit. So invest some gems to expand your inventory. Mine has 850 slots for items but it's sometimes full…

      • not really…
        I have 730 slots of items to use normaly, and even with 700 items in use and the other 30 slots open, the message of items full happens. but ONLY in V3, A B or any other…
        V2 works perfectly, but without the V3 advantages.

  5. Need little help. How backup data manually? I can’t find my obb data in my directory

    • You can’t. You need root to backup data using Titanium Backup.

      All those who says that BF have obb data to backup are stupid.

  6. ihackedit team.. would it be possible if you made another v2 but with enemies hp 1? It would be the best, trust me. IT WOULD

  7. Hey bro! Can you make V2+Auto win? I so need

  8. Ihackedit thank you so mich for your work
    I can’t connect my account with Facebook in apk mod and when it’s Google play version it’s work
    What can i do for transferring my account to apk mod?

  9. Modders, v3a works fine, except when trying to battle in the arena (after choosing the enemy), and in all quests and vortex dungeons every time we try to choose helper (long loading time and keep crashing afterwards). It would be nice if you guys are going to fix it. Thanks.

  10. Awesome shit. Already done all trials and most of vortex. By any chance would you be able to mod the unit of choice stuff to like edit days logged in and choose a unit? If it is possible at all.

    Either way, I’m using V3 because it is most probably safest of V3s, due to the fact that you still deal damage. There are 2 problems tho. Sometimes SBB doesn’t insta fill, and every dungeon/vortex or any mission will have max items “error” that gets fixed on second try. It’s tiresome to do every single time.

    Either way, thanks for this awesome shit!

  11. V3a keeps crashing, I hope you guys fix it, thank you so much for what you guys do.

  12. First of all, thanks a lot for your hard work. It’s appreciated, we would be lost without you guys. Thank you very much for that.
    The latest update doesn’t work for my version (3c) unfortunately, I can’t get into the game. It immediately crashes. But I’m sure you’re aware of that already. And I have another question, can you also create a version for 3 like 3c but also without “all quests open” ? That would be awesome! 🙂 Without “all quests open” the 3c version would be perfect! I really hope you consider this message and answer. I would be so thankful. Thanks again!

  13. Item slot limit for dungeons is not working yet.

  14. Deat ihackedit can you craft an item with 1 item, please.

  15. MOD Staff, the v3a works but it crashes when you go view your units or like when you will like check your units on the Units Tab. It crashes the game also when you pull a new unit and when it is about to show what type it is, it crashes the game as well.
    Pls fix it.

  16. Thanks again for the great work , I’m really happy with ihackedit , just reporting the V3a not work , when u go to units any option view , manage squad or sell the app close

  17. Ihackedit is it possible guys to modify the stp we recieved from summoner arc friend? From 400 to 10000/20000? Thank you! 🙂

    • OMG , really , just ask for one mod with all included , 999 lvl , 999 lvl summoner , 9999 friend points , all quest cleared , all trials cleared , max rank in arena lol
      This isn’t the game for u bro , better play candy crush

  18. game has been updated. any updates here?

  19. Can you make craft with 1 item like EU ?

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