How to install iOS Hacks (.deb) On Jailbreak devices

System Requirements

– Your iOS device must have jailbreak.
– You need to have Cydia Substrate installed on Cydia.
– You need to have PreferenceLoader installed on Cydia.
– You need a Filemanager to move the file from your PC to your iDevice (i.e. iFunbox)
– You need a Filemanager installed on your iDevice to browse and install your file (i.e. iFile or Filza)

How to install the .deb Files

1. Download the .deb file we provided.
2. Copy the file to your jailbroken iOS device using any file managing transfer tool you have (we personally have good experience with iFunbox).
3. Get sure to have the iFile or Filza Filemanager installed on your device through Cydia, browse to the .deb file you have copied to your iOS device and tap on it. Now install it.
4. Open Cydia and check under the tab “installed” for the package if its installed correctly. It will always have the name “PMT [Game Name]”
5. Start the game and enjoy the cheat.


1. Basic rule: If you are unsure if your device is jailbroken or not, you are NOT jailbroken. Thats nothing you “maybe can have”. If you have it, you will know you have it.

2. Get sure your iOS device is supported. There are mainly 2 type of devices, 32 bit devices and 64 bit devices. Nowadays we hack mainly only the 64 bit devices because the 32 bit devices are only the old ones. Examples for 64 bit devices: iPhone 5s and newer, iPod Touch 6G and newer, iPad Air or Pro and newer, iPad mini 2 and newer. If you have older device your game will start without any cheat or even crash. We will declare in the threads if the cheats are supporting 64 bit, 32 bit or both.

3. Get sure you are running a supported version of iOS. On hacks for jailbroken devices it is not enough to have a jailbroken iOS, you will need to have all necessary tools for Cydia too. If a new iOS is jailbroken freshly you have to wait a bit for the tool devs to update them Cydia tools. Better don’t update your iOS before all is published! In general, don’t update a running jailbroken device if not necessary.

4. Get sure to understand the difference between tweak cheats, patcher cheats and mod menu cheats. Which type of cheat we use, will be written in the thread.
– Tweak Cheats = Install the .deb file as written above and enjoy the cheat.
– Patcher Cheats = Install the .deb file as written above, open the installed cheat patcher and choose the cheats which you want your game patched with.
– Mod Menu Cheats = Same as Tweak Cheats, but you can choose options to mod inside the running game on the menu screen which will show up.