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Grow Castle v1.33.3Mod APK

Grow Castle
Grow Castle

Grow Castle Mod apk latest version download for Android.

It is a defense Game to protect the castle from enemy attack.
If growth can be placed in the castle tower and the hero on each floor.
Archer of the town is becoming a lot more more powerful the more upgrades.

More than 120 heroes can use their own skills.
Some heroes are made to give a strong archers of the town, another hero is cursed enemy.
This strategy is important because only a hero can be mounted up to nine.

When you build colonies and hire workers, you can earn more gold.

Clear up to a higher level, wave and check out your rankings.
Create or join a online guild. You can communicate and play with people around the world.

※ Features
Online guild system
Real-time rankings
Hero promotion system
Addictive without reason
Build your own castle

Grow Castle mod apk

Mod info:

– Unlimited Gold (increases instead of decrease)
– Unlimited Crystals (increases instead of decrease)
– Unlimited Skill Points (increases instead of decrease)
– Fast Level Up (New!)
– Cheat Detection Bypassed

Download: [Google Play]

Grow Castle v1.33.3 Mod APK

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  1. Please update this: )

  2. Pls add C.A.T.S CRUAH mod.This is online game but server is too slow pls hack this with newer version pls.do any thing best i will thrust all of the members .

  3. I won’t start up a guild can u plz fix

  4. I don’t know if it’s only for me. But the money doesn’t increase neither decrease it stays static. There’s something wrong. Thanks

  5. Can you please mod Ultimate Fusion? Thank you!!

  6. Anime Girls Go bruh. Plz make mod for that game.

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  8. You are the best man! Can you do a mod for Ninja Fighter? That would be awesome! 😀

  9. speed x2→x5 and dark crystal increases instead of decrease plz

  10. Plz upload new version ‘king’s raid’
    I love you IHE

  11. There’s a new update, if you be so kind to mod the new one, hugh fan of your work!
    Thank you so much for your effort

  12. Unlimited crystals doNT Work.

  13. Pakde add unlimited mana mod, thank waiting for update tho

  14. still not updated

  15. Update please

  16. Gold doesn’t work but skill does

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