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Clash Royale v1.3.2 .CSV Files Decrypted (DIY Mod)

Clash Royale
Clash Royale

Clash Royale v1.3.2 .CSV Files Decrypted (DIY Mod) for Android.

Here are the decrypted .csv files for Clash Royale, you need to modify the values by yourself.  All the original .csv file were encrypted so you can’t edit them, with these decrypted files, you can modify almost anything you wanted. Simply after you downloaded Clash Royale .csv files,extract the zip file then you will see to main folders, go to folder “csv_logic” and you will see all the .csv files you can modify,such as buildings, characters, arenas,chest,damages, spells, etc.

A helpful online converter tool – UTF8 encode will help you convert and modify any value that has special characters. After you modified anything you wanted, save the file as “CSV (comma delimited)” in Excel. Then you can copy the file to the apk using 7zip.


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Note: Root required!

Clash Royale csv mod Clash Royale hack

Download [Google Play]

Clash Royale v1.3.2 .CSV Files Decrypted | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

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  1. It rooted i guess thats the problem. I didnt download it so i dont know what it says.

  2. hi I don’t get it how to get the apk file plz make a tutorial

  3. Please tutorial, i dont get it bro, also can i change mobile or desktop

  4. the apk can’t install after i copy the modified decrypted csv to the apk_- whats wrong? when i copy original csv Its just installed easy

    *sorry for My bad english

  5. Ok i THINK i know how 2 do it. You need to download the files, download Excel and 7zip. Extract files then use excel open files there mod them their then save it then put it in apk files where original is. i think its how u do it still not done moding but still

  6. Hello, Admin Can You Provide Us with some tutorial video…
    I’m newbie…
    I doesn’t get it…
    Thanks A Lot….

  7. Juan pablo villarreal zamrripa

    Can you Make a turorial please

  8. can u provide a tutorial ?
    please … .

  9. Hi Admin, can you provide further instruction? i have no idea how to continue with the merging file and converting the CSV files.

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