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My Cafe: Recipes & Stories v2019.2.3 Mod APK

My Cafe
My Cafe

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories v2019.2.3 Mod apk for Android.

My Cafe is an addictive restaurant simulation Game where you set off to help your friend Ann open a classy cafe and serve her guests delicious drinks and baked goods.

Your coffee shop adventure begins as you set off to a quiet town and open a classy cafe with your friend Ann! Serve coffee, bakery goods and more, and immerse yourself in an addictive restaurant simulator that’s brimming with exciting stories.

Download My Cafe: Recipes & Stories and tell your cooking story today!

Exciting things to do in this restaurant simulator:
★ Build a diner, bakery, or restaurant – hire staff, buy furniture, and set prices on the menu.
★ Design your coffee shop with tons of glamorous decorative items – After all, comfort is in the details!
★ Discover baking and cooking recipes, including special food and drinks like the Sweet Tales Latte, the Mojito Cupcake, and more
★ Develop your own business strategy take big risks or go for slow to ensure you make a profit
★ Bring your restaurant to life with impactful stories and colorful customers. Gossip with regulars and choose your own responses to influence the direction of the story, and make new friends in your neighborhood. Each story is unique in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories!

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories Features:

My Restaurant, My Cafe Story
• Story mode with unique characters and meaningful relationships. Learn the stories of your regulars, make new friends and experience your own restaurant adventure.

Cafe Treats & Bakery Sweets
• Coffee and hot drinks for cafe fans!
• Bakery treats and restaurant eats!
• Special baking and cooking recipes like the Sweet Tales Latte, the Mojito Cupcake and more!

Restaurant & Cafe Simulator
• Design your own coffee shop with over 200 decorative items
• Manage your cafe by taking big risks or going slow and steady
• Manage restaurant staff, hire, train and fire your employees

Customized Cafe & Bakery Story – Gossip & Intrigue Abound
• Coffee shop gossip goes a long way! Investigate the town’s story and discover secrets the whole town wants to know!

Play with friends
Go social – see how your Facebook friends are running their own coffee shops!

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories is the restaurant story of a lifetime! Gossip with cafe guests and meet new friends in a story mode so deliciously addictive, you’ll never want to put it down! Become a world chef and build your bakery, cafe, diner or restaurant in a story Game that lets you play your way!

What’s New
For players of level 8 and above:
• A Brazilian Carnival with Chloe and Max! Get unique decorations, costumes, and gifts before time runs out
• Coconut Season is here! Earn trophies at festivals, and the Palm Tree will give you more diamonds
Important! Only trophies you earn yourself will count

You can read more about the update in our social media groups. Have fun!

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories mod apk

Mod info:

1. infinite gold / crystals (not decrease)

Download [Google Play]

My Cafe v2019.2.3 Mod APK

My Cafe v2019.2.3 OBB

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  1. I cant open it.. IT wont start. please help guys. thank u

  2. The Game doesnt start :/
    Pls fix

  3. What’s the difference with the apk and obb links?

  4. The mod is not working properly the gem is decreasing

  5. Without VIP, its danger to use this. Player see your cafe and Diamond/Gem Machines, but dont have VIP lvl. Many player ask how i get the machines, without Buy Crystals/Gems or get vip :/
    Pls integrate VIP, its very Importend

  6. how to continue play the game? the real apk is updated, i cannot login as it ask for updated. how to ignore this new update?

  7. Staff?
    Pls integrate VIP or payment Options for VIP.

    Thx a lot

  8. Can you please do a updated mod for the My Cafe new update, it won’t allow me to play my favorite game until then. Thanks

  9. Please update to v2018.1.2 thanx guyz..

  10. Do you have the new MOD for valentines edition?

  11. Hey guys
    I rly like this mod thank you! I like how the gain still needs pain.
    But there is one thing that makes it difficult to enjoy it:
    It is very obvious for other players that you hack because of no VIP lvl.
    That many diamonds I have is impossible without VIP 5.

    Can you do sth about it and give us at least VIP 3?

    I would buy it if I had the money… Thank you for the mod!

  12. When buy a ticket or try to upgrade new ruby case my diamonds go off. Is there a posibility to also hack that?

  13. Can you please fix the apk and the obb?

  14. Hi, please fix the latest 2017.11 mod. Both APK and obb are not working.

  15. It’s good. It’s really good. Thank you so much!!! I positively recommended this site !

  16. Pls fix cant install the game…

  17. Hello, could you please repair the apk mod? It seems like theres something wrong with it because everytime i tried to install the mod, it said “looking for resources to download”. Could you please help me to fix it? Thanks

  18. Hello, so I have a problem while installing the mod. It said “looking for resources to download” then I waited, and still it couldn’t be installed after all. Can you help me fix this problem? Thanks

  19. pls update mod to newest and can you mod it so that it gets playstore updates??? each time I have to install new mod it will not let me get back to my previous level TIA

  20. please mod to December’s update…and can you not mod it so that it can recieve playstore updates because having to uninstall and then install newest mod update it will not reconize your previous level😢

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