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MU Origin-SEA v1.5.0 Mod APK

MU Origin-SEA
MU Origin-SEA

MU Origin-SEA v1.5.0 Mod apk for Android.

MU is back!
Officially authorized version by Korea Webzen. Unsurpassable legendary masterpiece!
“MU Origin-SEA” mobile version opens now. (For South East Asia)

== Game Introduction==
Still remember Vicious Series set? Can you recall the sound of gem dropping?
Ten years ago, MU rose as the first 3D fantasy MMORPG.
Today, “MU Origin-SEA” inherits the classic functions and thrilling joy to players!
Developed on Unity3D engine. Recreate the magnificent fantasy world.
Heroes never die, they just respawn. Regain your memory with the immortal MU.

== Game Features==
* Ten years legend is rising again
Three classes return, adventure to the classic dungeons!
Dominate the Warrior Land, climb to the top of the miracle world!
*Gergous special effect, readily experience
Realistic feel, game play is easy to pick up !
Jobs exclusive skill, special effect impact the vision of players!
*Million people fights in king hegemony
Same-server group fighting, fiery PK challenge!
Great map, free to explore, enjoy unlimited fun!

== Three Classes==
* Swordsman
Swordman shows off his skill and swordsmanship during battle. A character that filled with chivalry.
Possesses mysterious power, with diverse magic that is undefeated. He always frighten away the enemy.
A beautiful elf, equipped with fatal arrow, talented skill, and power of a priest.

MU Origin-SEA mod apk

Mod info:

1. Speed hack x3.0
2. Monsters seem to slow down/ walk weird
3. Vip 10. Some of the VIP features (Remote warehouse, remote repair, remote potion shop, no wait time arena, 5% enchant boost, teleport in map)

Root & unroot device support.
Root device use all accounts (G+, Fb, Guest)

Unroot only Fb & Guest accounts.(no use G+ accounts, stuck login)

v1.4.0 mod info:

VIP 12 Partially Enabled
— Teleport Enabled 
— BAG Remote Access 
— PotionShop Remote Access 
— Enchat Boost 5% 
— No Arena Wait Time

v1.5.0 mod info:

1.Vip 10. Some of the VIP features (Remote repair, remote potion shop, no wait time arena, 5% enchant boost, teleport in map)

Download [Google Play]

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  1. No speedhack ang always backpack is full

  2. 1.5 is released pls update

  3. NO speed hack just partial VIP, even the remote warehouse tell you to “reopen backpack”. The only thing useful in this hack is the 5% boost in strengthening, if you can call that useful at all.

  4. How to download it…and pls make an bound diamond hack.

  5. Warehouse always says “Please reopen backpack” Any solutions?

  6. how do I activate the speed hack

  7. hi, thanks for the hack

    other than vip 12 shown on the status the benefits it has doesn’t seem to work and can’t collect the gifts as well.

    looking forward to your next update!

  8. Why cannot claim vip gift.
    Just look vip12 but same vip 0

  9. Can’t claim the VIP gift

  10. how to use the hack? there’s no option for speed hack and there is waiting time for arena.

  11. Please update this hack

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