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Minecraft v1.10.0.7 Official +v1.12.0.2 Beta Cracked APK + Mod APK


Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.12.0.2 Cracked Mod apk for Android.

Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures.

Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, infinite worlds, caves, new biomes, mobs, villages and lots more. Craft, create and explore anywhere in the world so long as you have hands spare and battery to burn.

There’s never been a better time to enjoy Minecraft on the move.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a Universal App. Pay once and play on any of your Android devices.

What’s New
What’s new in version 1.10?
New blocks! Lantern, Loom, Lectern and Wood blocks that have bark!
Arm yourself with the new crossbow & shield!
Jellie, the new cat skin voted into the Game by players!
Sneak peak at the new hostile Pillager in Creative Mode
New Vanilla Textures

Minecraft: Pocket Edition apk

Mod info:

Unlocked premium skins
Unlocked premium textures

1. Unlocked premium skins
Unlocked premium textures
2. No damage mod 
3. Unlimited breath
4. Max Inventory Size
5. 1 hit kill with weapons
6. Max score
7. Indestructible Tools

How To Install ?

  1. Uninstall any Previous version of Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  2. Download and Install apk From The Links Given Below
  3. Done, Enjoy

Final Release Version [Latest] : [Google Play] – Official released on Play Store

*Untouched versions are for rooted devices to login with xbox.

ARM:Minecraft v1.10.0.7 Original APK

x86: Minecraft v1.10.0.7 Original APK

Minecraft v1.10.0.7 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.10.0.7 Mod v2 APK


ARM:Minecraft v1.10.0.7 Original APK

x86: Minecraft v1.10.0.7 Original APK

Beta versions:

*Untouched versions are for rooted devices for login with xbox.

ARM:Minecraft v1.12.0.2 Original APK

X86:Minecraft v1.12.0.2 Original APK

Minecraft v1.12.0.2 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.12.0.2 Mod v2 APK

Old Versions

Old Versions

ARM:Minecraft v1.11.0.10 Original APK

X86:Minecraft v1.11.0.10 Original APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.10 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.10 Mod v2 APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.11.0.9 Original APK

X86:Minecraft v1.11.0.9 Original APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.9 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.9 Mod v2 APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.11.0.7 Original APK

X86:Minecraft v1.11.0.7 Original APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.7 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.7 Mod v2 APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.11.0.5 Original APK

X86:Minecraft v1.11.0.5 Original APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.5 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.5 Mod v2 APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.11.0.4 Original APK

X86:Minecraft v1.11.0.4 Original APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.4 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.4 Mod v2 APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.11.0.3 Original APK

X86:Minecraft v1.11.0.3 Original APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.3 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.3 Mod v2 APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.11.0.1 Original APK

X86:Minecraft v1.11.0.1 Original APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.1 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.11.0.1 Mod v2 APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.10.0.4 Original APK

X86:Minecraft v1.10.0.4 Original APK

Minecraft v1.10.0.4 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.10.0.4 Mod v2 APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.9.0.5 Original APK

X86:Minecraft v1.9.0.5 Original APK

Minecraft v1.9.0.5 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.9.0.5 Mod v2 APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.9.0.3 Original APK

x86:Minecraft v1.9.0.3 Original APK

Minecraft v1.9.0.3 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.9.0.3 Mod v2 APK

Untouched ARM:Minecraft v1.8.0.11 Original APK

Untouched x86:Minecraft v1.8.0.11 Original APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.8.0.11 Original APK

x86:Minecraft v1.8.0.11 Original APK

Minecraft v1.8.0.11 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.8.0.11 Mod v2 APK

Untouched ARM:Minecraft v1.8.0.11 Original APK

Untouched x86:Minecraft v1.8.0.11 Original APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.6.0.6 Original APK

x86: Minecraft v1.6.0.6 Original APK

Minecraft v1.6.0.6 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.6.0.6 Mod v2 APK

ARM:Minecraft v1.2.13.11 Original APK

x86: Minecraft v1.2.13.11 Original APK

Minecraft v1.2.13.11 Mod v1 APK

Minecraft v1.2.13.11 Mod v2 APK

Untouched: Minecraft v1.2.13.11 ARM APK

Untouched: Minecraft v1.2.13.11 x86 APK

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  1. Pls add another mirror for the download

  2. Checked both mods, v2 crashes the game

  3. Pls Fix the Xbox Glitch! I cant play on servers anymore…

  4. one more thing upload the Untouched versions of the minecraft not the beta the Official released version on Play Store cause i can play online savers like mineplex. it just say coming soon because your on beta

  5. Hey I’m a big fan of ur mods but I need Minecraft without mod and I need to sing in to Xbox please do that for me

  6. THANK YOU THAT YOU UPLOAD A Untouched versions i am a root user

  7. ihackedit staff please upload a minecraft apk without any mod or ckr from lucky patcher so we cam sighin to xbox now to fix the license problem you need to root your andriod for those who have andriod version 6.0 you need to root using your computer. install lucky patcher app and open lucky patcher and install modden google play store after installing play store turn off your internet from your andriod and test google ply store using lucky patcher and open mincraft and now the dialog that say you have no license for minecraft shold be gone and now you can use xbox to sigh in i hope i help

  8. F#ck Bill Gate!!! I Miss Notch Because Bill Gate Make MCPE Laggy And Now We Must Buy This From Play Store If You Want To Login To Xbox Live

    • WetnoodleCraft YT

      Hey dipshit, Bill Gates no longer works at Microsoft. Perhaps instead of spending your time capitalizing the first letter of every single word in your pretend sentences, use that time to educate yourself.

  9. For those who have problems with the Xbox sight in just the download the original Minecraft apk and download lucky patcher and in install the mod version of the Google play store or just download the mod version of Google play store here http://ihackedit.com/google-play-store-patched-installer-mod-apk/ and install and have fun I hope I help

  10. Dera ihackedit no MC 1.2 ir sai for server Xbox live If u can pls Xbox live stuff that Will. Be Nice anda fiz that crashing lê opening tê worlds template fix template masup packs its anyyoing 😄😄😄😄😄

  11. Please do a mod for Skullgirls if you can.

  12. Fix the Xbox live login

  13. Hi I want to download this minecraft.

  14. Omg i cant open templates fix this because im very annoyed porco dio

  15. Hey ihackedit staff Xbox live account is responsible about the world templates and textures pack crushes if you guys ihackedit staff know how to patch Xbox to make those world template and texture think that the Xbox live is login not log out den we may have been using those world template and textures for FREE pls do your best about patching up those Xbox live. if you ask were did I get the idea will I heard about these bug these bug say that your world that is generate about a raddom seed will crush if your Xbox account is not login but mojang fix and now mojang know these that some one is modding their Minecraft apk so all of the world template and texture unlock so what mojang done is that dey put the bug or ability to those world template and texture expect the skins and world generate by you so the the world template and texture will crush if you use it so that why I think what if we patch the Xbox live account if possible

  16. Please fix the xbox login in beta version please… :-)

  17. Please fix Xbox login in beta

  18. hi ihackedit staff pls do your best to fix this problem about the mush-up pack when you open a template world it crash when openning pls my minecraft version today is still beta because i love the fallout mush-up pack when i go to the latest minecraft today i can open the fallout it just crashses

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