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Lords Mobile v1.35 Mod APK + DATA

Lords Mobile
Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile v1.35 Mod apk + Data for Android.

Battle in a world of chaos in Lords Mobile, the latest real-time strategy Game from IGG. Build up your empire, collect exotic Heroes, train your troops, and battle your way to the top! Even in this dog-eat-dog world, you might find allies within a Guild. Destroy all who stand in your way to total domination! The world is yours for the taking in Lords Mobile!

Game Features
✔ Real-time, multiplayer strategy with RPG elements!
Fight in PvP battles with millions of players around the world!
Spy on your enemies to plan the perfect assault!
✔ Discover an epic world in stunning HD graphics and 3D battle views!
✔ Slay monsters on the world map to find rare treasures!
✔ Upgrade buildings, research technologies, train troops, and do whatever it takes to build and customize the ultimate empire!
✔ Lock your opponents’ Heroes in Prison and make them pay for their release!
✔ Unite your allies in powerful Guilds to conquer the world!
✔ Play on multiple mobile phones and tablets anytime, anywhere, with anyone!

What’s New
Google Play’s Lunar New Year Special:
Speed-ups, rare equipment, and a special Lunar surprise! Get 20% more Gems and 50% more items from the Lunar Pack!
#The Darknest has opened! Rally your Guild mates and hold back this evil to get Dark Essences.
#New Building: Transmutation Lab – Transmute Dark Essences here to get amazing treasures!
#New Building: Labyrinth – In these dark, twisting halls dwell many vile beasts, which can only be defeated by the magic of the Holy Stars.

Lords Mobile mod apk

Mod info:

1. Free Acceleration for 60m
2. Unlimited Bravehearts usage
3. Auto Complete Admin Quests
4. Auto Complete Guild Quests
5. Open All Guild Gifts
6. Open 6 VIP Chests
7. Admin Quests increased to 10
8. Guild Quests increasd to 9
9. VIP 15

Download [Google Play]

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