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GrandChase M v2.8.6 Mod APK

GrandChase M
GrandChase M

GrandChase M v2.8.6 Mod apk for Android.

As you did in 2016, enjoy Grand Chase M in 2017!
We will do our best to provide you a great gaming experience!

Game Features

1. Explosive action and stunning graphics that everyone can enjoy!
An intuitive Auto Battle system that makes it simple for anyone to play!
A 3D action RPG with outstanding effects and a powerful impact!

2. A whole new kind of RPG offering a true union of action and strategy.
Equip cards with powerful stat boosts to create the strongest team!
Dominate the battlefield by utilising the distinct skills of each character!

3. Epic fun and not a moment to rest!
Earn EXP and raise your team into 6-star heroes using Character Synthesis!
Never a dull moment with a huge variety of dungeons, raids, battle arenas (PvP) and much more!

▶ Multiple Modes

– Dungeons: A total of 180 stages available in 3 difficulty levels! Obtain 3 stars in every stage for extra rewards!
– Boss Raids: Challenge the powerful Berkas to obtain the most coveted item in the Game!
– Battle Arena: Be victorious in the PvP Battle Arena and become the next Grand Chase!
– Hall of Heroes: Summon phantom heroes and join forces with friends to destroy them all!
– Dimension Crack: Challenge your endurance in epic battles using 5 parties made up of all your heroes!
– Wanted: Take on the role of a bounty hunter and earn Attribute Essences to evolve characters!

Enjoy Grand Chase, the game loved by 20 million players around the globe, now on mobile!
Witness the rebirth of Grand Chase on your mobile! It’s a whole new way to play!

GrandChase M mod apk

Mod info:

-Security bypassed
-No skill CD

Root required? No, works on both rooted and unroot Android 4.1 and up

Online? Yes!

Need OBB? No, just download and install the mod apk from below.

Download [Google Play] – Global

GrandChase M v2.8.6 Mod APK | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3

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  1. what the mod is the truth I do not see any change

  2. Hello. I have same problem in 3-3 adventure.. no monsters appear please fix it for us =(

  3. Is it normal stuck at “DataLoading”? There is a “right way” to log in? I’m trying to login with facebook, didn’t test any other option yet

  4. At the time of this locking, invasion also, can only use to rank, gold, hall of fame and tower sometimes hangs and loses one of the 5 point

  5. Silver Land monster does not appear

  6. Is it normal to get stuck in “VersionCheck”? Been there for a few minutes

  7. Stuck at adventure 3-3
    No enemies are spawning
    Any fix?

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