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DC Legends: Battle for Justice v1.23.2 Mod APK

DC Legends
DC Legends

DC Legends: Battle for Justice v1.23.2 Mod apk for Android.

YOU CAN’T SAVE THE WORLD ALONE – Join your favorite Justice League heroes and villains in epic RPG combat.

Recruit Justice League heroes like Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and more in the ultimate DC experience. Join dynamic PvP battles and form alliances to clash against rival teams as you fight your way across the galaxy. Empower your heroes with epic super power attacks, improve their stats and upgrade gear as you gain experience. The future of your team is in your hand – use strategy and wit to dominate your opponent, defeat enemies in battles, and save the future of the galaxy. UNITE your favorite Justice League heroes and join the battle today!


• Good and Evil? Superman and Lex Luthor? Batman and The Joker? Bring together unlikely allies to build your roster and clash against rival teams
• Assemble the best team by gathering heroes like Harley Quinn, Supergirl and The Flash as you fight your way across the galaxy
• Amass power and assert dominance as your roster grows in size and strength: put together the perfect strategy for every situation


• Customize your heroes to win in battle against your enemies in a clash for supremacy in the DC Comics Universe
• Gain experience and new abilities as you dominate opponents in iconic locations like Gotham City, Metropolis, Themyscira and more
• Upgrade your heroes to LEGENDARY status giving them stat upgrades and a whole new visual persona


• Fight against other players around the world to demonstrate your superior strategy and team-building skills and climb the ranks
• Participate in daily and weekly challenges to earn rewards and expand your roster
• Clash against other opponents in the PvP arena to rise to the top of the leaderboard and become a master of the DC Comics Universe!

What strategy will you use to defeat your foes and who will fight this war with you? Prepare for a clash of heroes as you play to save the future of the galaxy.

What’s New
Rebirth your DC Legends Heroes for an 10% stats increase! Plus, unlock Heroic and Legendary skins for your Heroes!

Players will also face the fearsome Lord of Apokolips Darkseid in Legendary Events.


* Mr. Freeze keeps his love for Nora warm while putting a chill on your enemies.
* Ra’s Al Ghul steps out of the shadows as a master fighter and strategist.
* Batwoman defeats enemy forces with her hard-hitting shock & awe attacks

DC Legends: Battle for Justice mod apk

Mod info:

1. Instant win on revenge attack
2. High Damage

Download [Google Play]

DC Legends: Battle for Justice v1.23.2 Mod APK

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  1. hi, can you try mod Full Metal Monster? just mod the ammo :)

  2. good afternoon, first of all thanks for such fantastic games, I’m all flawed, let’s go to the mess .. I have a small problem with the game, I installed the apk and the game starts well and such, but when I finish the first presentation finish with the first four enemies the game is frozen, I have waited a while to see if it is solved, I start the game again and the same thing happens, some suggestion

  3. Here are some instructions:

    Install the original play store version and get past tutorial.
    ( I already had a saved game and just picked up in chapter 2).

    With a file manager go to /sdcard/android/data and copy the folder named com.wb.goog.dc.legends.

    You need to copy out the game data to another folder and then uninstall play store version.

    Install the modded apk and put back the folder. This restores the login info that gets removed if you uninstall the game.

    Start the modded apk and you’ll be back where you left off.

  4. Please, see comment on Spotify app

  5. 1.21.4, not revenge kill. It’s 1-hit kill, Please fix

  6. Please fix download link. Tnx!

    • nothing wrong with the download link, when you click it the first time and ad will ALWAYS pop up, just exit and click the link again :)

      thanks for update btw @IHackedItStaff <3

  7. How do I install the modded apk over the clean one in a no rooted device, please? I can only install the modded one if I uninstall the clean one, otherwise it won’t install at all, but then if I uninstall the clean one I have to play the tutorial all over again and get stuck. I’ve been googling about this but I can’t find a single solution, only how to clone apps. To install clone apk isn’t useful because then the game will use a different account, taking me back to tutorial. Thank you.

  8. Please update to 1.21.2. Tnx!

  9. i have to login anonymously and then when i update the game i have to start all over again. is there anythng that links my game ? please help.

  10. Please update!

  11. Please update to new version 1.21.1. Thank u.

  12. Update to 1.21.1 please

  13. Download from Google them tried installing mod over it wudnt work any chance of a tutorial friendly apk.

    • The mod hasn’t been updated cause I’ve tried several times no luck… could the creator please try it him/her self before letting us know if program can be installed thank you for your time creator.

    • Mod does not even with trying regular play store and using mod over it

  14. Can you add a clean apk to get past tutorial please?

    • Blacker Berry is stoopid

      u dumb blacker berry. google is your best friend dummy. install clean apk then install the mod on top of it.

  15. Have enjoyed this mod a LOT!

    Now game has been updated so we could use a new mod…

  16. Won’t login to Google play. Also freezes after intro battle

  17. game stuck on tutorial on second battle! pls help!!

  18. Is there any way to mod for items, gems, essence, or character pieces?

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